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5 Shocking Coronation Street Storylines That Had Fans On The Edge Of Their Seats

Coronation Street has been a staple of British television for decades, and it’s no secret that the show has had its fair share of shocking moments. From affairs and murders to unexpected deaths and explosive secrets, here are some of the most jaw-dropping storylines to ever grace the Cobbles. Get ready to be shocked!

5. The Tram Crash

Coronation Street 5 Shocking Storylines That Had Fans Gasping
© ITV Studios (Coronation Street)

One of the most memorable and shocking storylines in Coronation Street history was the tram crash that occurred in 2010. The storyline saw a tram derail and crash into the street, causing chaos and destruction. The crash resulted in the deaths of several beloved characters, including Ashley Peacock and Molly Dobbs. The storyline was praised for its realistic portrayal of a disaster and its emotional impact on the characters and viewers alike.

4. Richard Hillman’s Murderous Rampage

Richard Hillman’s murderous rampage is one of the most shocking storylines in Coronation Street history. The character, played by actor Brian Capron, was a seemingly normal businessman who had a dark side. He began to feel threatened by his wife Gail’s family and became increasingly unstable. In a shocking turn of events, he attempted to kill Gail and her children by driving them into a canal.

Coronation Street storylines
© ITV Studios (Coronation Street)

He then went on to murder several other characters, including Maxine Peacock and Emily Bishop’s husband Ernest. The storyline kept viewers on the edge of their seats and is still remembered as one of the most dramatic in the show’s history.

3. Katy Armstrong’s Shocking Death

In 2014, viewers were left stunned when Katy Armstrong, played by Georgia May Foote, was killed off in a devastating storyline. Katy had been involved in a love triangle with her boyfriend Chesney and his best friend Sinead, and was pregnant with Chesney’s child.

Coronation Street 5 Shocking Storylines That Had Fans Gasping
© ITV Studios (Coronation Street)

However, during a fire at the Victoria Court flats, Katy was trapped and unable to escape. In a heartbreaking scene, she gave birth to a baby boy before passing away from her injuries. The storyline was praised for its emotional impact and the performances of the actors involved.

2. Pat Phelan’s Reign of Terror

Pat Phelan’s reign of terror on Coronation Street had fans on the edge of their seats for years. The character, played by Connor McIntyre, was a villainous presence on the cobbles, responsible for multiple deaths and acts of violence.

One of the most shocking storylines involving Phelan was when he held Andy Carver captive in a basement for months, eventually killing him and burying his body. The storyline was praised for its intense and suspenseful plot, as well as McIntyre’s chilling performance as the ruthless Phelan.

1. Carla Connor’s Mental Breakdown

In 2018, Coronation Street fans were left stunned when fan-favourite character Carla Connor suffered a mental breakdown. The storyline saw Carla struggling with severe anxiety and paranoia, leading her to believe that her friends and family were plotting against her.

Coronation Street 5 Shocking Storylines That Had Fans Gasping
© ITV Studios (Coronation Street)

Actress Alison King’s powerful portrayal of Carla’s mental health struggles earned critical acclaim and shed light on the importance of mental health awareness. The storyline also sparked important conversations about the stigma surrounding mental illness and the need for better support and resources for struggling people.

More on Coronation Street

Set in the fictional town of Weatherfield, it follows the everyday lives of the residents of Coronation Street, a working-class neighbourhood in Manchester, England. The show has become an integral part of British culture and is known for its realistic portrayal of characters and storylines.

Key characters

The central focus of “Coronation Street” revolves around the lives of several families and individuals who live on the street. Over the years, the show has introduced and developed numerous memorable characters, each with their unique personalities and storylines. Here are some of the key characters from the series:

  1. Ken Barlow: The longest-serving character on the show, Ken is an intellectual and has been a staple of “Coronation Street” since the very beginning. He has been through numerous marriages, relationships, and career changes.
  2. Rita Tanner: Another long-standing character, Rita is the owner of The Kabin, the local newsagent. She is known for her quick wit and enduring friendship with many of the street’s residents.
  1. Gail Platt: Gail is a central character and has been involved in some of the show’s most dramatic storylines. She has been married multiple times and is known for her strong-willed personality.
  2. David Platt: Gail’s son, David, has grown up on the show and has been involved in various troubled storylines. He has faced challenges such as mental health issues, drug addiction, and criminal behaviour.
  1. Sally Metcalfe: Sally is known for her outspoken and often humorous personality. She has been involved in many conflicts and has had numerous relationships throughout the years.
  2. Roy Cropper: Roy is a beloved character known for his gentle nature and love of literature and trains. He runs Roy’s Rolls, a popular café on the street.
  3. Carla Connor: Carla is a strong and independent businesswoman who has faced her fair share of challenges. She has been involved in various romantic relationships and has dealt with mental health issues.
  4. Steve McDonald: Steve is a lovable rogue and the owner of the local pub, The Rovers Return. He has had multiple marriages and is known for his comedic timing.


These are just a few examples of the vast array of characters that populate the world of “Coronation Street.” The show tackles a wide range of storylines, including romance, family dynamics, social issues, and community life. It has become an institution in British television, captivating audiences with its relatable characters and compelling narratives for over six decades.

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