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Yame Yukana Character Profile

Yame Yukana in Hajimete no Gal is one of the main characters from the Anime. She is also seen sometimes as the antagonist to the main character Junichi Hasaba, who later becomes her love interest. This post will detail her life, characters, appearance, and more. She is without a doubt the best character from the series, much better than the MC Junichi, and for good reason. In this article, we’ll explain why.

Overview of Yame Yukana

Let’s start off with the obvious, Yukana is one of a kind and an amazing Anime Waifu to start with. We first meet Yukana in the first episode, when she is introduced to us when she catches Junichi reading a porn magazine in class. As you’d expect her reaction is not that of someone who is very impressed and she scolds Junichi calling him “disgusting”.

This basically sets the starting framework for their relationship, and it’s how the two first meet. Later on in Hajimete no Gal Yukana Yame meets again when Junichi asks her out.

Yame Yukana’s Appearance and Aura

© studio NAZ (My First Girlfriend Is A Gal)

Yame’s first thing to talk about would be her appearance, which is so amazing.

Yame is around average height, although sometimes she looks taller than Junichi in some of the scenes.

Junichi is around average height so they aren’t too different in height. Yame has blonde hair which has dyed pink strips in it.

Sometimes the streaks aren’t visible but most of the time you can see them. Hajimete no Gal’s version of Yukana Yame may be a little different from the Manga, but this is no problem.

Her physique is very noticeable especially during certain scenes of the show such as when they travel to the beach.

Yame’s large bust and general figure are what keep fans loving this fan service type and harem anime.


Yame’s personality is a mixture of emotions, many of which display themselves to be sexually promiscuous yet still reserved and confident in herself.

She’s also smart and understands when someone is trying to deceive, trick, or even lie to her.

Another thing to add would be that she is quite honest and doesn’t normally lie to manipulate people like some of the characters in the series like Ronko her best friend.

The main aspect of Yame’s character that shines through would be that she is flirty.

She expresses this side of her mostly to Junichi and also sometimes the other characters in the series but also to some of the other characters. As well as this Yame is also very kind and caring when she needs to be.

Yukana’s History in Hajimete no Gal

Yame Yukana’s history starts off in the Manga when we see that she has been a student of the same school that Junichi attends as well. However, unlike Junichi, Yame is almost instantly popular and attractive to everyone.

This sets up the scene in the first episode because I established how popular and cute Yame is, whilst showing that Junichi is a loser and a “nobody” one at school, with his friends being less than desirable and even being seen as just freaks at the start of the episode, with no thanks to one of Junichi’s friends who’s basically a literal paedophile.

Throughout the series, Yukana and Junichi’s relationship is put to the test, and time and time again Yame shows that she wants them to be serious.

In fact, she also gets upset when she finds Ronko, Yame’s best friend, and Junichi together about to kiss.

If she didn’t care then she would not cry about it. It’s very simple, and you can see that this means the relationship that they have started means something to her more than just Junichi being a toy for her to play with, or to even make fun of.

At the end of the Anime, even though it appears that Yame is about to leave and go off with her ex-boyfriend, she doesn’t, and Yukana and Junichi end up together.

The happy ending we were all expecting and hoping for happens and this is of course the best part of the Anime, although the beach episode was very nice to watch.

Yame Yukana’s Character Arc

Yame Yukana Character Profile
© studio NAZ (My First Girlfriend Is A Gal)

Yame’s character arc is pretty uninteresting because there isn’t really a huge shift in her character, and therefore, a character arc isn’t that visible. The person who has the biggest arc would be Junichi since she changes himself more than Yame does in my opinion.

The good thing about Yukana is that her character does not change that much. But that isn’t because it doesn’t need to or isn’t supposed to be, I think it’s just because Yame doesn’t really have a reason to change her character because she doesn’t change how she is for anyone.

She starts off in the first episode with the same personality that she does in the last. She doesn’t change.

This may be one admirable aspect of her character because it may suggest that she isn’t fake, unlike some of the other characters in the episode.

Character significance in Hajimete no Gal

Yame has a huge significance in the Anime of course as she is one of the main characters. Other noticeable characters like Nene Fujinoki, Yui Kashi, and Ayumi Kamisaka for example. Some of these characters even try to copy Yame in an attempt to mirror her success with the opposite sex.

Nene completely changes her character because she thinks Junichi will be attracted to her, although it doesn’t really help the way she wants it to as she ends up attracting, let’s say, other unwanted attention.

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