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Who Is Komi Shoukou – Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Shouko is the main character from the popular Anime Komi Can’t Communicate. But there’s something strange about her. She can’t talk. She can’t even utter one word. So who is Komi Shouko? And what role does she play in the Anime. In this article we’ll be going over her character and her role in the Anime.

Appearance in episode 1

In the first episode of Komi Can’t Communicate its stated that a person with extreme anxiety can sometimes find it incredibly difficult to talk to new people. Komi starts off her first day in school with a bang. Everyone has there eyes on Komi and it’s very easy to see why. She’s astonishingly beautiful, elegant and smart. As well as this she also exhibits an aura of a certain cool nature.

Komi Shouko in the Manga

In the Anime, Komi looks pretty similar to how she does in the Manga. I really like the way she looks in the Manga to be honest. The drawing is very detailed and wonderfully drawn. Watch character is given life in a very creative and inspiring way and of course we can see where the idea for the Anime came from.

We can’t say for certain if the Komi Can’t Communicate Manga and the Komi Can’t Communicate Anime are completely the same. You can decide this for your self by seeing our new article on where to read the Komi Can’t Communicate Manga. It’s unfortunate for Komi because every time she looks at someone when they ask her a question or get her attention, she gives them a very uncertain and scary gaze.

Komi and Tadano

Her gaze happens a bunch of times in the Anime and it always ends the same way: with either the others running off very scared or they apologise with the upmost sincerity. It’s common problem for Shouko but luckily, she meets Tadano Hitohito, a friendly student in her class who first approaches her. She gives him one of her glares but instead of running away he tries to speak with Komi and understand her. This leads to the blackboard scene.

Tadano offers to be her friend when she tells him about his condition and that she wants to make 100 friends. Komi is so happy that Tadano offers this and gladly thanks him. This shows that Komi is a nice and kind character who appreciates people who try to help her.

Instead of acting in a narcissistic way like you would expect her to do, she stays true to who she is and treats everyone equally. This is shown the most in episode 5, where Shouko has to turn down a girl who has been stalking and obsessing over her.

Komi’s first interaction

Komi’s first appearance in the Anime is when she is being admired by everyone as she heads to school. Her first interaction however really comes when she starts communicating with Tadano using the blackboard. This way they are able to speak more freely to each other and of course introduce themselves.

Komi uses a piece of chalk to speak to Tadano and she does it with style. In fact in the first episode when she is asked by the teacher to introduce herself. She gets up and doesn’t say a single word for what seems like an eternity, then suddenly, she goes over to the board and quickly and amazingly writes her name in stunning style on the board.

This makes a huge impact on the class and everyone is amazed. From this point on everyone seems to worship and love Komi unconditionally. And we see this again she is followed around by a character called Ren Yamai, who I found utterly creepy and unbearable.

We’ll be seeing Komi again, and so will you

Komi Can’t Communicate is a very popular Anime which is still releasing and the episodes are releasing weekly. Currently were on week 3 of the Anime, with the next episode coming this week. Because of this, Komi Can’t Communicate will be an Anime we’ll be covering in the next months to come. Thank you for reading, we’ll see you in the next dispatch. You can stay up to date on our blog by subscribing to our email list below.

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