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The Attack on Titan Season 3 ending Is Beautiful

I’ve never heard anything like it. These are what you may say after hearing the Attack on Titan Season 3 ending. It was simply amazing, and of course, is the best opening I’ve seen so far compared to all the others.

Overview – Attack on Titan ending

Below is the opening which you can watch to get a better understanding of what I’m talking about if you’ve not heard the original opening before. As I have mentioned before in previous articles some Anime opening and soundtracks in particular sound sometimes so unifying they almost feel like anthems instead of soundtracks. This I found evidently with Attack on Titan, during both the 1st, 2nd 3rd (so far) openings.

The original song was part of the 3d release of the Attack on Titan Anime which came out in 2018. The song really does capture your attention and install a very warm and happy feeling that occurs inside yourself.

Instruments and result – Attack on Titan ending

Attack on Titan Ending

The heart-warming singing and the melodic piano sure played a great part in the song and it’s what really made it very memorable for me. It also brings me onto another point about the series and Attack on Titan in general.

The other themes are just as good and it really speaks volumes of what’s to come. Attack on Titan is a series that I’ll be covering later on and it’s pieces like this that have made my Anime watching journey very fun and enjoyable.

The fact that the songs sound like anthems almost make you want to get up and shout the lyrics out loud, merrily singing along to your heart’s content.


Comparing it to a not-so-inspiring ending

I really enjoyed this about the songs because it uplifts you and this is definitely more memorable than some other Anime endings and openings I’ve seen. I mean, do you remember the ending and theme for Black Lagoon Season 1 and 2? Take a look:

Black Lagoon Season 1 and 2 Ending Theme

Now, maybe comparing it to that isn’t fair, because they’re not on the same level. Black Lagoon and Attack on Titan are in completely different lanes. However, one thing is certainly clear, one completely makes me feel a powerful and wholesome emotion, and the other makes me feel dead, empty and lost, with a sense of overhanging dread.

Are endings and the themes important?


I think endings are important because they install the final emotion that you’re trying to get across to your audience.

This means it’s important to get an all-around theme that generally sums up the theme of the narrative. This can obviously be hard.

However, the Attack on Titan Season 3 ending was done correctly in my opinion. It brings you happiness sometimes where the episode has had a horrifying ending.

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