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Komi Can’t Communicate Just Got A Spanish Dub – Where To Watch

The popular Anime Komi Can’t Communicate which is a Slice of Life Anime has now got a Spanish Dub. You can watch Komi Can’t Communicate Spanish Dub on Netflix, as it is a Netflix Original. The Komi Can’t Communicate Dub is available for all locations if you have access to this Anime in your country. If you want to watch Komi Can’t Communicate Dub en Español, keep reading this article and we’ll provide the links to the streaming platform for the rights pages of this Anime.


Komi Can’t Communicate is a popular Anime that is rated PG, about a girl at a school who is very attractive, but has extreme social anxiety. She finds talking to people very hard. The Anime shows the story of her story and the friends she makes along her journey.

Netflix provides its own dubs for shows that it provides. It also does this for normal shoes that it showcases. It did this for all 3 seasons of Black Lagoon that are available on Netflix.

This Komi Can’t Communicate Spanish Dub is a great addition to the steady number of dubs that Netflix has been adding to its library. Netflix has many Anime dubs as well.

Where can I watch Komi Can’t Communicate Spanish Dub?

You can watch the dub for this Anime on the streaming platform Netflix. To view the Anime, just use this link to take you directly to Komi Can’t Communicate.

To use the dub, you must go into the audio and subtitles section of the video on the Netflix title. Then select European Spanish from the list of options on the screen. After selecting this option, the video will change and be in Spanish.

How long will Komi Can’t Communicate Dub en Español last?

This Anime will last for a long time on Netflix because it is a Netflix original. This is because the title will be on there for as long as Netflix wants. Until they decide to remove this title from their library, the Komi Can’t Communicate Spanish Dub will be available for users.

So, with that said, please enjoy this dub while you can, and have fun. Watching this Anime is a great way to learn Spanish. Another thing you can do is leave the English subtitles on if you’re an English speaker learning Spanish.

This will help you learn Spanish and make it fun as well. If you enjoyed this article and found it helpful, please sign up to our email list, like, share and comment your thoughts.

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