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How To Watch The Capture If You’re Not From The UK

The Capture is the new hit crime-drama on BBC iPlayer set in 2019 following the case of a young soldier who has his conviction over turned when it’s found that the video evidence was presented invalidly. Upon being set free, he meets up with his barrister, where they kiss, finally saying goodbye to each other as she gets on the bus. However, CCTV of the same location at roughly the same time, tell a drastically more different story, and one totally dominated by violence. What was real? The CCTV, or the soldiers accounts. All it not what it seems in this crime-drama, find out how to watch the capture if your not from the UK.


The main narrative of the crime-drama is on that of mass surveillance and the use of CCTV cameras to mask, manipulate, change and corrupt footage in order to use it in court as fraudulent evidence to secure convictions that they other wise could not have. Much like some agencies and forces here in England, they are not honest sometimes.

watch The Capture if your from the US
© BBC (The Capture)

That’s the premise of this series, with the police, the courts, security agencies and other branches of government all being separate.

I should not have to tell you that this make believe world is completely unrealistic and not how it works in the real world, because in reality, everything’s much more political and they are all connected, and there’s the Royals of course.

The main tool that is used to manipulate footage and make it appear as it does not is called “Correction”.

If the Police, or Counter Terrorism Command has evidence that a group of criminals have commented crimes, but they can’t prove these events to be true, then they use correction.

They use it to produce the events that they know (or believe) took place or in order to push the evidence threshold for the CPS, or to provide the needed evidence for a raid.

Can I watch The Capture if I’m from the US?

If you’re wondering How to watch The Capture if your not from the UK the the answer is: Yes you can watch The Capture if you’re from the US. This series is available to those who really want to view it, even if you’re from a different country like Canada or the US.

Don’t worry, we will provide an easy, up-to-date guide on what to do, and how to do it. First, though, let’s start with your VPN. We totally recommend Surf Shark, because it’s really easy to use and it has the best value over most of the other VPN out there. Sign up below and get 2 months free!

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You’ll be needing this in order to be able view the programmes on the BBC iPlayer platform, since there are licensing restrictions preventing you from doing so if you’re outside the UK and/or England.

How to watch The Capture if you’re from the US

If you want to watch The Capture but you’re from another country like the US then you’re in luck. Watching The Capture if you’re not from the UK is easy, as long as you follow these steps. First, you need to get a VPN. Most free VPNs don’t allow you to choose many countries, only giving you 3 countries to choose from.

That’s why, you need a high-tech, easy-to-use and affordable VPN with tons of countries and servers to choose from. For this, we would suggest Surf Shark VPN.

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For the best and most effective, easy-to-use VPN we would strongly recommend Surf Shark VPN, you can sign up here for £1.79 a month and get 3 months completely free! As well as that get a 30 day money back guarantee on this offer, meaning you can cancel if it does not suit you! Sign up here:

Once you have installed and signed up to the Surf Shark VPN all you need to do is find a server in the UK or England and select it. Once you have connected to the server, simply restart your browser and go to the BBC iPlayer website. Then go to the search bar and type in “The Capture” into it.

watch The Capture if your from the US
© BBC (The Capture)

Find the title and click on it, then go to the first episode. The title should load correctly, and you should be able to watch it without any problems. Just remember to click the “I have a TV licence” option before viewing.

If you can’t find the title simply go to: The Capture on BBC iPlayer

After you’ve found the title, simply load it and begin the title, it should load correctly, without any problems. That is how to watch The Capture if your not from the US. Did you enjoy this post: How to watch The Capture if your not from the UK

If you found the guide easy and understood it easily please like this post and share it. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on the show.

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