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High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Premiere Date + Ending Explained

If you’ve just finished High-Rise Invasion the “popular” anime series that crawled onto Netflix in late February 2021 then you’re probably wondering about the High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Premiere Date. Will we see another season of this “brilliant” anime? Well, you’re in luck. That’s because in this article we’ll be going through what we know about High-Rise Invasion Season 2. We’ll go over the time it will release and explain the “magnificent” ending of season 1. So strap in, put your “mask” on and get ready to ascend to the High-Rise Invasion universe. We hope you enjoy this comprehensive & hopefully useful article. There are major spoilers ahead for season one so please be aware.

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High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Premier Date
High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Premier Date – read more at cradleview.net

Overview – High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Premier Date

High-Rise Invasion has a very easy-to-follow story and it’s set up basically in the first episode, with the characters (especially the main one) just plainly telling us everything that’s happening and breaking the show don’t tell rule over and over. I know that in English we call this “Spoon Feeding” but I guess for the audience this may be necessary as it would really hard to follow if High-Rise Invasion had no dub.

The main character named Yuri Honjô finds herself in a mysterious place where the landscape of the world are just Sky Scrapers. Yuri will appear in High-Rise Invasion Season 2 along with some of the other characters.

Yes, very original I know, I’ve never ever seen this before. Anyway, whilst trying hard to find her older brother Rika she spots these strange humanoid beings who she calls masks. These beings don’t actually kill there victims directly, but instead drive them to the point of distress and despair so they take their own life.

They do this by jumping off the buildings to their deaths below. The rest of the story follows Yuri trying to find a way out and teaming up with other humans who are in the same position as she is.

Police Officer Death SceneHigh-Rise Invasion Season 2

Main Characters

Now you (as the average anime viewer) may like the characters in High-Rise Invasion but I certainly didn’t and I’ll briefly explain why. Pretty much all of them are just anime characters with original and partly unique looks but with the same characteristics and dialogue we’ve (or just me) seen recycled time and time again. The good thing is that these characters will certainly appear for the High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Premier Date. So below we have:

Yuri Honjo Character
High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Premier Date

Yuri – classic boring main character with no personality who blurts out the same old generic anime trope lines. She has long black hair, brown eyes and is supposed to be the most relatable (the show fails even at that). She’s attractive, and headstrong and is just very plain and hard to sympathise with, of course she has a brother and this gives her something to push on for but that’s about it.

Then we have the tom-boy character who becomes ally’s with Yuri in the second episode. She’s just as boring as Yuri and has nothing to make me care about her whatsoever, apart from dare I mention this stupid sub-narrative about her violent history regarding her family. She obviously secretly has a crush on Yuri and the series doesn’t bother in the slightest to make it subtle.

Then of course we have the ditsy, airhead, bimbo high pitched soft voice character who wonders round like a halfwit for the first 5 episodes not even flinching or running away when a mask aims a loaded gun at her. Oooh, uhh, w-w-why are you aiming that gun at m-me sir? I can name about 10 animes off the top of my head where I’ve seen this characteristic before, from Keijo to Amagi Brilliant Park, Highscool Of the Dead and so on (I don’t want to bore you).

And of course finally we have the protective older brother who’s very handsome. He’s just as boring as Yuri and has the personality of a piece of plywood. Nevertheless he seems to be the only one who actually knows what’s going and his character is regularly used for spoon-feeding us info on the masks, how they ended up in the world and constantly calling Yuri and filling her in. I think he’s supposed to be around 18 I hope as Yuri’s supposed to be a lot younger than him and that would make the sexual assault scene with Yuri in the first episode even more unsettling.

Ending of High-Rise Invasion

Sniper Mask Takes A Head Shot – High-Rise Invasion Season 2

Now to understand whether or not there will be another season of High-Rise Invasion we need to take a look at the ending of the first season. So the ending saw Yuri disobey the rules of the world. We also witnessed her steal a masks power while Rika is trapped in a room full of masks.

We also see the other teams waiting to see the outcome. The final scene shows Yuri stating she’s going to save her brother and go home as she puts it. This sets the stage for a High-Rise Invasion Season 2 but does this mean we’re going to get another? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Will High-Rise Invasion Get Another Season?

So now that we’ve got our heads around the confusing but inconclusive ending let’s get to the reason you’re really here. I can tell you in great confidence but not a 100% guarantee that High-Rise Invasion will get another season. There are many reasons for this and I’ll outline them below:

High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Premier Date
High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Premier Date read now at cradleview.net
  1. Of the 258 published chapters in the High-Rise Invasion Manga, 149 chapters have been covered and adapted by the anime, leaving just over 100 chapters left. This means the content for a High-Rise Invasion Season 2 is there and there is nothing stopping the productions company from creating another season.
  2. Netflix has a history of giving second seasons to anime even if they aren’t very successful, I mean just look at Seven Seeds. I absolutely loathed that anime and couldn’t believe it when Netflix green-lighted another season for it (read my review on Seven Seeds here). If Netflix gave that show another season you can say for sure that High-Rise Invasion will get a season 2, seen as the ratings for 7 Seeds were awful and the ratings for High-Rise Invasion were much better.
  3. As I previously mentioned the ending of High-Rise Invasion was not conclusive at all and left a lot open to what could happen next. We learnt more about the so called ‘Masks” then we ever had, and Yuri’s little speech at the end basically cemented the run-up of a High-Rise Invasion Season 2 in everyone’s head including mine unfortunately. The ending would not be structured that way if they weren’t already planning to have another Season of High-Rise Invasion.

High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Premiere Date

I would say given everything I have discussed above that a new season of High-Rise Invasion is just around the corner. We will either be seeing this by the end of this year (2022) or at the beginning of 2032. my guess would be 2023 probably in January or most likely February as that’s when it was first released.

Yuri Is Nearly Forced To Wear A Mask – High-Rise Invasion Season 2

Either way, I can say for sure there will be a High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Premiere Date it’s just almost certain in my opinion. If there isn’t I will certainly lose any sleep or tears over it in fact I might create an individual review article for High-Rise Invasion so I can offer a more in-depth view on my grievances and praises of the show.

Thank you so much for reading I hope this review has helped you find the answer to whatever you were searching for. As always have a lovely day and stay safe!

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