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Best Anime To Watch In 2022

It’s almost the new year already and there’s been so many wonderful and new Anime that have come out. Some of these have been amazing and some have been let downs. However, in this list, we’re going over the best Anime you can watch in 2022. We will cover the Best Anime Series to watch in 2022 and also Anime movies. We’re going over new and upcoming Anime as well as past Anime you should still consider watching.

10. One Piece (23 seasons) – Best Anime to watch in 2022

© Toei Animation

Let’s start with one of the longest-running Anime there is right now, and that of course is One Piece. This Anime has been running since 1999 and it’s loved by many Anime fans all around the name. This list would not be complete without including One Piece. It’s definitely a good Anime to watch in 2022.

This is because it’s a great Anime to get invested in and of course a good Anime to Binge Watch as well. One Piece follows a band of pirates as they traverse the open sea and it follows their adventures.

9. Attack on Titan (4 Seasons)

Best Anime To Watch In 2022
© Wit Studio (Attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan is an adventure-style Anime set in a dystopian world where the world is dominated by ain’t humanoid creatures known as Titans. Titans consume Humans when there find them and the story takes place at a point where humanity has been forced to build 3 walls to keep out the Titans. To learn about Titan’s read our article about them (here).

There are 4 current seasons available and a new continuation to the Final Season is coming out next year. Since Attack on Titan hasn’t finished yet it’s still a good Anime to get into whilst it’s still being completed.

8. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure (5 Seasons)

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

Explaining what Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure is may be a hard task for many but in a sense: The story of the Joestar family, who are possessed with intense psychic strength, and the adventures each member encounters throughout their lives. Chronicles the struggles of the cursed Joestar bloodline against the forces of evil. It’s certainly one of the best Anime to watch in 2022 and to get into as it’s also quite a binge-worthy Anime as well.

7. takt op.Destiny (1 Season)

best anime to watch in 2022
© MAPPA Madhouse

Being one of the newest Animes on our list, takt op.Destiny may not have that much to offer in terms of watchable content. However, it is one of the best Anime to watch in 2022 because of the hope it brings. The series has been gaining widespread attention and I’m sure we’ve all seen a clip of Destiny (the main female character) some time or other.

The story is also very interesting – In America in the year 2047, which has fallen to ruin thanks to the D2, Takt, a Conductor, is partnered with a Musicart named Destiny. Takt yeans for music to be returned to the world, and Destiny wishes to destroy the D2. Their aim is to travel to New York. It currently features 11 episodes, with a new one releasing each Tuesday at 5:00pm GMT.

6. The Slime Diaries (1 Season)

Best Anime To Watch In 2022
© Bandai Namco Entertainment

If you’ve watched the popular Anime, “That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime” then this Anime is probably just for you. As of December 2021, and it’s a great Anime to watch in 2022. there are still episodes being uploading and the Anime and Manga show no signs of slowing. The synopsis of The Slime Diaries is as follows: “Set mid-way through the first season of the main anime, the story follows Rimuru and his monster kingdom’s early, peaceful days. This first episode (and likely the episodes to come) does not form a cohesive story.

5. Battle Game In 5 Seconds (1 Season)

Best Anime To Watch In 2022
© SynergySP Vega Entertainment Studio A-Cat

Looking for something slightly less straightforward and action-packed than Highrise-Invasion? then you’ve just found it. Battle Game In 5 Seconds is certainly one of the best Anime to watch in 2022 and for good reason.

You can stream all 12 episodes of the Anime on Crunchyroll. The synopsis of the Anime goes as follows: “Akira Shiroyanagi, a high schooler who loves games and Konpeito (Japanese sweets), has suddenly been dragged into a battlefield by a mysterious girl who calls herself Mion. The participants are told that they are “erased from the family register, involved in an experiment, and gained certain powers”.

4. Ikki Tousen (4 Seasons)

Best Anime To Watch In 2022
© Idea Factory

If you haven’t already heard of Ikki Tousen then you are in for a ride. It is one of the best fighter Animes that are out right now and has a very long history. The first episode aired on the 30th of July 2003, and the show has been running ever since. There are over 4 Seasons and some OVAs and specials to go with it. It’s certainly one of the best Anime to watch in 2022 for sure, and for this reason, you should give it a try. The synopsis is as follows: “The series revolves around an all-out turf war in the Kanto region of Japan where fighters from seven schools battle for supremacy, and the story centers on Hakufu Sonsaku, a fighter from the West who transfers to Nanyo Academy.”

3. World Trigger (3 Seasons) – Best Anime to watch in 2022

Best Anime To Watch In 2022
© Toei Animation

World Trigger is a great Anime to invest in because it has already 2 Seasons and is being released weekly right now. The 3rd Season is currently releasing an episode each week. For this reason, it is one of the best Anime to watch in 2022.

The synopsis goes as follows: “The story follows a Yuma Kuga who transfers to Third Mikado City Middle School where he meets another boy named who is a Border Agent. However, it turns out that Yuma is actually a Humanoid Neighbor, and his arrival signifies that not all is what it seems in the war against the Neighbors.”

2. Komi Can’t Communicate (1 Season)

Komi Can’t Communicate – Komi

We’ve covered Komi Can’t Communicate quite extensively, and this is because it is a very popular Anime at the moment and certainly one of the best Anime in 2022. Komi Can’t Communicate is an Anime about a named Komi who has extreme social anxiety. Because of this problem, she is unable to even talk to people when she meets them. Instead, she writes down all of the words she wants to say on a notepad and shows them to the person. Komi’s goal is to make 100 friends and to learn to talk probably to people. We very much recommend you get into Komi Can’t Communicate as it’s still unfinished and is a great all-around Anime to get invested in.

1. Bakemonogatari (1 Season, part of the Monogatari series)

Best Anime To Watch In 2022
© studio Shaft

Without a doubt, one of the best Anime to watch in 2022 is still Bakemonogatari. This is one of the highest-rated Anime on Crunchyroll and also one of the most popular. The Monogatari series which loosely translates to Ghost stories follows Araragi, a high school student with a special power. He has been bitten by a vampire, and as such, he inherits the power to shapeshift. The synopsis of Bakemonogatari is as follows:

“Plot. The Bakemonogatari anime series follows the plot of the light novels, which chronicle the life of a high school boy named Koyomi Araragi, who after being bitten by a vampire was able to return to being human with the help of a man named Meme Oshino, although some vampire traits remained in his body.”

We highly suggest you watch Bakemonogatari, however, if you’re unsure, please consider reading our review on the Bakemonogatari Anime here: https://cradleview.net/is-bakemonogatari-worth-watching/ This is because Bakemonogatari is one of the most popular Animes there is and has many other reasons to get into it.

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