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A Silent Voice 2 – Is It possible?

The movie “A Silent Voice” has worn various awards and received large amounts of fame over the 4 years it’s been released. The movie follows the story of a deaf girl called Shouko who joins the same school as Shoya, who starts to bully her because she is different. He goes as far as to throw her haring aids out the window and even makes her bleed in one instance. The bullying is only encouraged by Ueno, Shoya’s friend and possible admirer.

Many viewers get the feel from the trailer that this is a one way one path love story must involving those two characters, you might think it’s about redemption or forgiveness. So will this much loved movie return a second time to give us A Silent Voice 2? That’s what were going over in this article.

Main Narrative – A Silent Voice 2

The main narrative of A Silent Voice follows the story of a deaf girl named Shouko, who is bullied in school because she is seen as different because of her disability. At the beginning of the story she uses a notebook to communicate with the other students via them writing questions in the book and Shouko writing her responses. At first it’s Ueno who makes fun of Shouko because of her notebook, but later Shoya, Ueno’s friend joins in with the bullying, teasing Shouko by stealing her hearing aids and discarding them. He also makes fun of the way she talks, as Shouko can’t hear the sound of her own voice. This is all important in terms of a possibility of A Silent Voice 2.

The bullying continues until Shouko’s mother is forced to make a formal complaint to the school, in an attempt to cease the bullying. When Shoya’s mother finds out about his behavior, she marches over to Shouko’s house with a large sum of money to pay for the hearing aids. Shoya’s mother apologizes on Shoyo’s behalf and promises that Shoya will never treat Shouko like this again.

After Shoya leaves school he joins Highschool where he bumps into Shouko after a long time. It’s revealed that she left the school that she was attending with Shoya because of the way he was treating her. This is all important in terms of a possibility of A Silent Voice 2. She runs away from him and begins to cry. This is mainly where the story begins, and the past bullying school scenes were just a vision of the past.

The rest of the story is Shoya trying to make it up to Shouko by learning sign language and slowly warning up to her. The two face many challenges together, as they are ridiculed by Shoya’s friend, Ueno because of the fact he used to bully her and Shouko’s mum, who doe’s not approve of their new relationship or the two being together.

Main Characters – A Silent Voice 2

Shouko Nishimiya works as the main protagonist along side Shoya. From a teachers POv it’s obvious that all Shouko wants to do in shchool is fit in and join her fellow classmates in learning and enjoying school life. Shouko’s character is a shy and kind one.

She doenst seem to challenge anyone, and just generally tries to fit in, singing along with them etc. Shouko is a very loving character and acts in a very caring way, making it hard to watch when she is bullied and ridiculed. She will make an appearance in A Silent Voice 2.

Shoya Ishida doesn’t seem to act on his own interests and normally follows what everyone else is doing. This happens mostly in the first part of the movie, where Shoya keeps on bullying Shouko. Shoya doesn’t take responsibility for his actions until his maturity stage.

Shoya is loud energetic and clumsy, much the opposite of Shouko. He isn’t very clever, normally conforming to what he is told. He will make an appearance in A Silent Voice 2.

Sub Characters – A Silent Voice 2

The sub characters in A Silent Voice played a very vital role in the progression of the story between Shoya and Shouko, offering emotional support to both characters and acting as a way to vent out frustration and built up anger. The sub characters were written very well and this made them very relevant, also sub characters such as Uneo, who were only used a small amount during the first half of the movie are greatly added to and given depth near the end.

I loved this about the movie and it made each character very significant and memorable, it’s also a brilliant example of character development done correctly in a movie. They will all most likely make an appearance in A Silent Voice 2.

Main Narrative Continued – A Silent Voice 2

The first half of the movie shows Shouko and Shoya’s past and the reason that he bullied her and interacted with her in the first place. It’s reveled that she just wanted to become his friend and this makes the story all the more emotional. The first scene after the prologue of Shouko and Shoya in school together sees both Shouko and Shoya run into each other at the new school they are attending.

When Shouko recognizes that it’s Shoya stood in front of her she attempts to run away and hide. The main narrative of the first movie is very important in terms of the possibility of A Silent Voice 2.

Shoya catches up with her and explains (in sign langauge) to Shiouko that the reason he was chasing after her was because she left her notebook. Later Shoya tries again to see Shouko but he is stopped by Yuzuru and told to leave. This is obviously the first in a string of attempts by Shoya to reach out to Shouko and this is where the rest of the movie leads off to, with a handful of other sub plots and twists as well, making it very exciting.

Will we see a sequel? – A Silent Voice 2

A sequel would be very unlikely and I’m going to be explaining the reasons why:

  1. The writer would need to write another story both involving Shoukou and Shoya.
  2. The story would have to be in regards to adult hood as the first movie was about growing up.
  3. If a sequel would even be profitable for the production company that created A Silent Voice.
  4. If the artist is able to come up with a good story in time.
  5. If the sequel will be better than the original or even better.

Hopefully we will get some answers soon but for now this is it. A Silent Voice is a very touching movie that covers some different subject. and at times we do things on an impulse and end up regretting it for several years after that. This movie is a visual representation of decisions like that but also brings a nice mix of several emotions into the mix.

When would the sequel release? – A Silent Voice 2

We would say given everything we have discussed above and also with regards to the reasons that A Silent Voice would air any time between 2023 and 2024. This is only speculation and it connected to the relevant reasons. Hopefully if new content is written we will see a Silent Voice season 2, but for now that’s all we can say.

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