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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Pact On BBC iPlayer

The Pact follows the story of a group of four women who work at a brewery. They have and the owners son, who runs the brewery, is mean, harsh and very vile, and is not liked by any of workers. During a work function, the owners son becomes very drunk, and the four women take the chance to humiliate him by driving him into the woods. However, this stupid prank will go on to have dark repercussions for everyone involved. Here is 5 reasons why you should watch The Pact on BBC iPlayer.

1. Brilliant cast

First off, let’s talk about the cast for this series, which was fantastic to say the least. We had some really amazing actors in this first series including characters from TV shows like Breaking Bad, Midsommer Murders, Broadchurch and more. There will certainly be some actors which you’ve seen before.

One of the four women who the first series centres around, played by Laura Fraser (who played Lydia in Breaking Bad), has a husband who is a Police Officer in the series. This officer, who is played by Jason Hughes is actually put on the case involving her and this presents some major problems down the line. It’s safe to say that The Pact BBC on iPlayer has a great and memorable cast.

2. The Pact has a deep & captivating plot

Without dwelling too much on the cast, let’s talk about the plot, which is packed with surprises and many tense and suspenseful scenes. Without giving too much away, the plot is centred around the death of the owners son at the brewery, during a work function (staff party).

During this time, the owners son, called Jack, becomes very drunk, so much so that the 4 women decide to take him out of the party, and into their car, where they then drive into the nearby woods.

They leave him against a tree trunk and pull down his trousers so they can take embarrassing photos of him to potentially humiliate him later on. After this, they decide to leave, concluding that he will just sober up and make his own way home.

However, when one of the women starts feeling guilty about leaving Jack alone in the woods, they decide to return to help him. And after returning to the tree trunk to try and find him, they realise he’s now stone cold, and dead.

The Pact
© BBC ONE (The Pact Series 1)

The cause of death isn’t obvious, but they all return home none the less, electing not to call the local police, as they release that they will all be punished for his death.

The man who ends up dead is the son of the owner of the brewery, however, he runs it, and basically controls what happens there. During the earlier part of the first episode, we see that the man, played by Aneurin Barnard, is not very nice. In fact, he’s vile.

This sets up the plot beautifully, because it gives us so many characters who might have killed him. There are so many potential suspects and it makes the series very enjoyable, especially when you find out who’s really behind his murder.

3. Beautiful location

Being filmed in the enchanting Welsh countryside, it’s no wonder this series offers it’s fair share of natural wonders to behold. From large open lakes to seedy forests, The Pact makes a great effort to reel you in to this fantastic place and make you feel like you’re really there.

Another accept to talk about regarding the location would be that it ads to the atmosphere of the series as a whole. The vast open valleys and tucked away fords completes the theme of the series brilliantly.

In reality, Im sure Merthyr Tydfil, one of the many locations the show is filmed in, is really nice, and invites none of the issues that the series covers at all. However, the show-runners did a fantastic job of making this place appear to be dark and sinister.

4. Phenomenal acting

One thing that needs to be said about this show is the acting, particularly from Jason Hughes & Laura Fraser, who are wife and husband in the series. It’s not just these two that we get some great acting from, but also from many other characters in The Pact BBC on iPlayer.

Without giving too much way, there are many different scenes in the series, where characters are put into very demanding and tense situations, and during this time, we get some wonderful acting performances from the main characters.

A lot of emotion is shown and they really did do a lot for this series. If you enjoy realistic and emotional acting, with many different scenes where these characters excel, then The Pact is for you. The Pact BBC will give you a wide range of very exceptional actors to enjoy, so make sure you make the most of it.

5. Worth while ending of The Pact

Finally the ending of The Pact BBC on iPlayer is amazing and frankly very unexpected as well. If you watch the series all the way through, we can guarantee there is no way you will except the ending when Jack’s real killer is revealed.

On top of finding out who the real killer is, there’s also some more drama at the end, centred around friendship and “penance” – making the whole series a great watch, and more importantly, worth while over all.

We can promise you, that the ending of the The Pact BBC is not underwhelming and makes for a great watch for any Crime Drama lover like myself.

Another final thing to add is that the show has got two series, one which aired in 2021, and the other in 2020. However, they are not related in anyway, but the second series follows the same theme of the first series.

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