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When Is Line Of Duty Season 7? – Possibility & Premiere Date Explained

After the tense and climatic finale of the 6th instalment of Line Of Duty, some fans were left wondering if the series would ever get a 7th season or series and were left asking the question when is Line of Duty Season 7 – well in this post, we discuss just that, as well as the ending of series 6, and the possibility of a series 7.

Spoilers for series 6 ahead!

To answer the question of when is Line Of Duty season 7? We have to talk about the series 6 ending. The great thing about series 6 of Line of Duty is that we saw a dramatic ending and a final conclusion to the mystery of “H” – as since series 3, it was revealed to DI Kate Flemming who the person was responsible for DI Mathew Cotton (also called Dot) becoming a corrupt officer embedded within the Central Police and even in AC-12, and how he was being controlled, along with a whole host of other corrupt officers.

As he was lying down Flemming pleaded with him to release the name of the “top man”, and give her his dying declaration. Unfortunately, though, he could only utter the letter “H”, before he finally passed away from a gunshot wound.

How did series 6 end?

Series 6 revealed that H was not in fact necessarily one singular officer, but a clandestine group of 4 corrupt officials (out of many normal Police officers as well), who had power in the Executive levels in the Central Police, located in the West Midlands. These were DI Mathew Cotton, Jill Biggeloe, ACC Dereck Hilton, and of course, the leader DSU Ian Buckells.

At the start, the link between the corrupt officers and the OCG was Tommy Hunter, who was first seen in series 1, and later in series 2 when he is shot to death because he agrees to give up the names of officers after receiving immunity from prosecution & witness protection.

DSU Buckells, who was only the rank of DC when we first saw him in series 1, wasn’t technically the leader of the group but relayed everything to the organized crime group and sold out colleagues, relayed court documents, and crime scene reports, and took bribes. Many fans weren’t happy with DSU Buckells being H, but I would have to disagree. I covered that in my post here: Why DSU Ian Buckells was a great choice for H

Buckells revealed as H and the top man

With H now being revealed and left as the only noticeable corrupt officer left in the link between the Central Police and the OCG, Buckells was all alone and even seemed sorry for himself.

There is no doubt that Ian Buckells will be featured again, and if you’re wondering When Is Line in Of Duty Season 7 Buckells will most likely be in it.

Ian Buckells is sent to prison
© BBC ONE (Line of Duty) – Bucklells is imprisoned

Anyway, with Buckells now in prison, and the OCG fragmented and lacking any power of leadership, the series had left itself on a somewhat happy ending.

This was due to the fact that the original purpose of AC-12 (Anti Corruption Unit 12) has been completed and they had finally proven that a link between high-ranking officers of the Central Police and organized crime groups had been foiled, much to the reluctance of some of the ACCs and high-level executive officers.

The bad thing was that the ACC currently, (Osborne) who tried to get DI Steve Arnott to lie for him in series 1, is still in power, and appointed close colleagues of himself into senior positions, some even at AC-12.

In series 6, episode 7 of Line of Duty, we saw this message right at the end, implying that AC-12 might not be able to be as feared and powerful as it once was, leading many fans to believe that the series is not going to continue, and Line Of Duty season 7 is unlikely.

However, it also raised the question that maybe the series could still continue, and we would see Line of Duty season 7. So, if you’re still wondering when is Line Of Duty season 7? Please keep reading.

When Is Line Of Duty Season 7

To answer the question of when is Line Of Duty Season 7 let’s talk about if it would be possible and whether or not a new series would be worthwhile for the BBC. With a new series really not being that sure, it would be unwise to speculate.

However, at this moment in time, we would say that Line of Duty season 7 would be coming out anywhere from early 2024 to 2026. Because the series will take on an entirely new role, and the story will seem quite different, it will take longer for a new story to be produced.

If you’re wondering when is Line Of Duty season 7, you will have to wait and see. Hopefully, this answered some of your questions about the series 6 ending and Line of Duty season 7 or series 7. Please sign up for our email list, and like and comment.

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