Earnings Disclaimer – About Affiliate Links To Products & Services

Here is a full Earnings Disclaimer for Cradle View (cradleview.net) owned by CHAZ GROUP LTD (the CHAZ Group Company). Cradle View (cradleview.net) will and does make commissions from affiliate links in the form of products, services or subscriptions it promotes to its readers. Cradle View is not affiliated with these sites in any way and only uses their service to promote links which when clicked on take users to a deal or product/service destination page.

We will earn commissions from qualifying purchases that you make on this site and we proclaim that a link is an affiliate link by placing a marker in front of the affiliate link. For example, this link to an Amazon.CO.UK product is marked as so: (Ad ⮕) King Palm | 4 Mango Flavoured Cones – GOJI BERRY LEAF.

Should you choose to click on this link which has this marker before, under or above it – you approve, have prior knowledge and consent to the fact that we will earn, or could earn a commission from that purchase or subscription.

We inform you that we (Cradle View) earn a commission from qualifying purchases for every product or service we promote. If there is a marking such as: (Ad ⮕) before the link or image then that link is an affiliate link and should be regarded as such.

For a full list of companies, products or services that we promote and earn commissions via affiliate agreements, please email us using the form below. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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