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Whats on our Community Page

This page is going to be updated daily and is going to consist of community related posts linked to our YouTube channel and our website. We hope you can all share your thoughts on our website and YouTube channel as it would be very beneficial to us.

We are aiming to add lots of content on this page and the others as the weeks go on. So please check this page regularly, if you’re a fan of this site and the blogs we post, share your support this way, it would be very much appreciated.

We’re going to add some sort of chat room, chat lobby or message box so we can chat with each other and other people can leave messages and send messages. We are working on it and we’re hoping it will be completed soon. Stay around for that and keep checking the site.

We will answer any questions you have about our site or our blog posts. You can also send us emails based on our blogs, and ask us anything you would like. We will answer all questions submitted and will always be there to respond. You can also tweet above if you would wish so.

Recent Comments

Below are all recent comments on our blog posts and other elements of our site.

Other Social Platforms

Below is the link to our YouTube channel. We would appreciate it very much if you subscribed to our channel. This would help us grow as a channel. We are aiming to post videos relating to our blog posts. So if you have visited our channel please subscribe and like any content that has been posted this would be very helpful to us.

If you think we should be expanding onto other platforms such as Instagram and FaceBook please let us know in the comments, or reach out to us via email.

Become part of our email subscription service below. Just enter in your email address and you will be sent an email every time we make a new post.

Info regarding our blogs and website

We are aiming to post more blogs like we have been for a long period of time. We may start a Patreon soon and all donations would be very much appreciated. All donations would be spent on our blog posts and anything else to do with the site. We are also aiming to post loads of content to this site and over a long period of time. We will also be writing anime related reviews and explained episodes as well. These will be coming a bit later however. You can be alerted everytime we upload a new blog post by subscribing to our blog dispatch.

This means that you will never miss one of our blog posts. We cover content on very popular anime and we aim to post information content regarding this industry. This is our only intention. Any feedback given regarding our site and our blog posts is very valued. We would love to hear back about what you think about our site, and we are aiming to gain a loyal fan base who we can deliver content to. If you have any blog posts suggestions or questions please don’t be afraid to email us using the email that has been provided above.

Recent YouTube videos from our channel

Below are some of our most recent YouTube videos from our channel. We post videos which are related to our blog posts and anime in general, as well as other types of animated series. Please consider liking and commenting on the videos, as well as subscribing to the channel, this would really help us out and grow as much as possible.

You can watch some of our playlists on YouTube below by clicking on the videos. They include Hyouka, Trinity Seven, The Fruits Of Grisaia, HenSuki and Classroom Of The Elite. We hope you can enjoy them and you can check also check out the free anime we have available on our Free Anime page.

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