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Is It Worth Watching:

Is Bakemonogatari Worth Watching?

Bakemonogatari and the Monogatari series in genreal is very popular among anime fans and it seems to be a long running anime for fans. So what makes this anime so interesting for viewers to watch. We’re going to be getting into that in this blog so keep reading. They’re aren’t going to be alot of […]

Is Keijo Worth Watching?

Intro First of all lets understand what Keijo is and then we can talk about the story. Keijo is a sport where the contestants, all of whom are female, must knock their opponents off a floating island using only their breasts or arse (sorry I’m English). That’s the whole story and it doesn’t get much […]

Is Amagi Brilliant Park Worth Watching?

Overview – Is Amagi Brilliant Park Worth Watching? Amagi Brilliant Park had a pretty engaging and interesting story in my opinion, and it mainly revolves around the restoration and salvation of a dying amusement park by our main protagonist Seiya Kanie. Im going to be referring to Amagi Brilliant Park as ABP, so be aware. […]

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