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Below are some FAQs that we thought would be useful to anyone who is wondering about our site. We aim to please all our readers and if you have any grievances with us, our YouTube channel or this website, you can always reach out to us via the contact page and await our response. We aim to respond within 24 hours. Do not be alarmed if we take any longer.

  • What are the purposes of your blog? – To inform people about certain animated series and to give our opinions on these types of series. This is our only intention and we aim for nothing more.

  • Is your information accurate / trustable? – We gather all our information from public online sources, and we aim on making sure that all the information we gain is 100% factual. We normally look to the works and PAs of anime writers and artists.

  • Is your opinion biased towards certain types of anime? – Absolutely not. We offer a clear and refreshed view in al anime we encounter, we formally declare that we will not be biased.

  • How long are you planning to make blogs like this? – For as long as we want. There are several other people who are invested in this site just like myself. Our aim is to carry on being a trustful, effective, helpful entertaining and loved site just lie the other animated series sites which love this sort of thing.

  • Do you know any good places to watch anime online? illegal or legal? – Yes, we would suggest Funimation, which has quite a big library, but doesn’t have alot of classics. Another legal option would be CrunchyRoll. Although I don’t own a CrunchyRoll we see alot of ads by them so they must have some good ones. As for an the other we would suggest Kiss Anime. Beware, that KA is a pirated video site and they host pirated videos on their site through the Bit Torrent method. We are not condoning using the site, we are jus letting you know that it exists. If you’re from the UK in England for example we would suggest you use https://kissanime.ru and don’t bother trying to run a VPN on there simultaneously, it wont work and they wont let you access the site.

  • Will you be starting reviews soon? – Yes, we will start making reviews as well as “Top 5s” very soon. We’re just waiting on something then you can expect to see them on our site.

  • When will new YouTube content be available? – Very soon. We will be releasing (we hope) a new video every week. We might also do a “Top 5 Characters” on YouTube as well with a voice over. We are still deciding though, just keep waiting, it will come.

  • Are your release and estimated release dates accurate? – We like to think they are yes. We aim to gather (and we are confident we do) the most factually accurate material for each blog post as possible. This will be our goal for years we hope.
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