Content Ratings On Cradle View

Mature Content (M-Rating) 🟠

This covers content only available for users over 18 years and over. And this is without adult supervision.

General Content (G-Rating) 🟢

This rating is for users over 12 years of age. Most of the content on our site is meant for mature audiences however this content category covers content that can be viewed by children even without adult supervision.

Adult Content (R-Rating) 🔴

This is for the content which is intended for users on our site who are over 20 years old. This covers ultra-violent content, content that contains very foul language and ultra-sexualized content.

Forbidden (F-Rating) 🔵

This covers select posts/pages which are not accessible to normal Cradle View readers or account holders and is only available for exclusive members.

Examples of Content Ratings

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