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Will The Last Kingdom Have A Movie?

The Last Kingdom is certainly one of the most entertaining, moving and nail-biting things you can watch, especially if you are into old English history during the Saxon period. Since its final series a few years ago, many hardline fans have been wondering about a movie, so will The Last Kingdom have a movie? Let’s discuss this.

With a brilliant, attractive and charming main character, and a wonderful array of other villains and heroes, this awesome action-drama set in the Anglo-Saxon period (410-1066AD), before the Norman invasion makes for a great series to get invested in. The ending is fantastic and incredibly emotional, and if this is the sort of thing you wish to see, then of course by all means give it a watch.

Why The Last Kingdom was so great

Firstly, I just want to start by stressing that it’s in no way similar to Game Of Thrones, party because of the budget, (as it was started by the BBC) and also the fact that it relies more on story-telling and small-scale battles (with the large ones being CGI) to bring viewers the much-needed action.

Most of the first series is about the Normans and Utred’s rise to power. Speaking of which, Utred is a young boy living in a fort by the sea when it is raided by Danes and his father is killed in front of him. However, instead of killing him two, the leader of the Daines takes him in and raises him until he is in his early to mid-twenties.

Later he returns and takes part in raids but switches sides, now fighting for the Saxons he begins taking back what is his. Soon after, he helps king Alfred (who is a real historical figure: Kind Alfred) and during a big battle against the Daines, Alfred’s call to arms is answered, and many Saxons meet up with Alfred to battle with the Daines.

The battle that ensues is amazing, and even though they rely heavily on CGI, it was a great moment, especially to see some of the character fight, and all the deaths we witnessed. The ending of The Last Kingdom was really good, and I was surprised at how moved I was. So, will The Last Kingdom have a movie?

Will The Last Kingdom have a movie?

Let’s look at the basics. If you’re wondering will The Last Kingdom have a movie? I think it is highly likely that The Last Kingdom will get a movie, and I want to explain why. I will outline below why I think a movie or spin-off is going to happen in my opinion.

  1. Firstly, before Netflix took over, the BBC was running things, and they have a history of making movies out of their series. With Netflix in charge, that possibility is only amplified.
  2. The Last Kingdom was pretty popular, for many different reasons, but mostly for the battles, characters, music and storyline. There was a lot on the line, and this made the watch all the more interesting and engaging.
  3. A movie would not only be worthwhile but a great addition to The Last Kingdom franchise, because there have been 5 different series, which are of course all linear, with great stories, amazing characters and much more.
  4. The movie could be set in a distant future, and of course, would follow Utred’s new life. Would he still be in love? Would he be living a peaceful life? Or would his life be riddled with violence and mayhem?
  5. The movie would be a success, this is my honest opinion. I think if written well, with at least two or more of the main characters, and maybe a brilliant storyline to go with, the movie could be and would be a great success.

Let’s hope

With the right amount of pressure, some online forum discussions, and of course a bit of luck, I think there is every reason why this memorable action historical drama should get a movie. And if you’re wondering will The Last Kingdom have a movie? – I hope this has answered your question. Thanks for reading.

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