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Who Is Ms Puiyi Again? – The Viral Super Model Who Became A Global Instagram Star

Ms Puiyi known online simply as: @mspuiyi is an Instagram Super Model from the PRC known for her eye catching looks and stunning physique has been an Instagram user for over 5 years now and has generate as of today over 13 million active followers on her account. That’s quite an achievement and many of us will wonder why?

How did it all start? And how did she grow this seamlessly small account into a multi-continental business platform which she know uses to sell countless cosmetic products through her beauty line Ms Puiyi Cosmetics.


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Recently, Ms Puiyi had a huge surge in followers, recently gaining just under 1,000,000 in a month. This is quite an achievement and not without credit at all on Puiyi’s part. So what is it about her account that means she is able to gain all these followers and gain the amount of likes she does on each post? In this article we will go through these questions so please keep reading.

Ms Puiyi’s posting history is very interesting and shes had numerous fan accounts made in her name. Recently shes been posting more revealing images on her Instagram page and we can see why. Most of her posts are very aesthetic and feature her in many different poses and positions, see below:

Ms Puiyis appearance has also changed many different times throughout her time on the app. Going from dark brown to bright blonder her hair has seen tons of different colors and styles, all of which catch the eye of her dedicated and loyal 13m followers. She’s tried tons of different looks and roles including a teacher, a nurse and even a religious representative figure.

Unfortunately for the young Ms Puiyi shes had some disputes and problems with Instagram, having her account suspended and almost terminated due to inappropriate posts. This isn’t a surprise at all and her posts will cement this. But why? Well the simple answer is engagement and reach. More importantly the types of posts that Instagram will show to more people if they get the right attention.

It seems as of today that the previous fate of her account has now been decided by the Instagram Gods and an unfortunately and frustrating one for all her 13m fans and admirers. So will her account be back? And will she ever be left alone by Instagram moderators? Subscribe below to be notified when we post a new article.

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