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Where Is Love Island 2023 Filmed?

It’s the 9th installment of the popular reality TV series Love Island. Every year, instead of taking place in a fixed location such as a compound, house, mansion, or villa, Love Island constantly switches it up and takes place in a different place. Let’s discuss where Love Island 2023 is filmed, discuss the show as a whole, and the situation in the country they were filming in.

For a start, Love Island has taken place in many different places, usually in Europe, with the majority of the villas being located in Spain, such as in Majorca. However, in the most recent Love Island series, series 9, fans were treated with a whole different villa, just like every time, but this time, in a different country entirely.

Where Is Love Island 2023 Filmed? – Which country is the Villa located in?

To answer the question Where Is Love Island 2023 Filmed? let’s take a look at the series 9 trailer for Love Island, which unfortunately did not feature the normal host, Caroline Flack, who sadly died a few years ago via suicide. Flack was a much-loved and respected stable for the series, and in my opinion, the series is not the same without her.

So, where is Love Island 2023 Filmed? – well interestingly, instead of opting for a European location this time like Spain, the ITV showrunners decided to choose South Africa.

To some, this may seem like a risky idea, seen as the country is actually on the brink of complete civil unrest, due to the racial tensions and gun violence that has fueled arguments and disputes over the past couple of decades.

photo of dirt road across hill under cloudy sky
(South African Countryside) © Pepe Caspers on

Nevertheless, ITV chose South Africa for their show, and it’s not clear where in the country the Villas are located, but it’s safe to say it took place deep in the countryside, as mountains, fields, and hills can be seen from far off, with vineyards and scenic pools being part of some of the scene we saw from Episode 4 and 5.

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