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Where Can I Watch Amagi Brilliant Park?

Amagi Brilliant Park is a popular Magical themed Anime that is set in a run-down amusement park which is controlled by magical creators from a distant faraway land. Like many people, you’re probably wondering where can I watch Amagi Brilliant Park? – Which came out on October 6 and December 25, 2014. In this article, we’ll detail the sites where to watch Amagi Brilliant Park, the show which gained large amounts of praise.

Which browser should I use?

We fully recommend using Brave Browser for surfing the general web and for everyday viewing of websites. This is because Brave has one amazing feature that sets it aside from other web browsers.

Brave has a built-in Ad-blocker and Anti-Tracker System. All trackers or cookies as their called are blocked when you browse any site with your shields up. You may have to turn them off when viewing some sites as they may not function. If you don’t want to use Brave you can just use Chrome instead.

Which site can I watch Amagi Brilliant Park on?

We fully recommend you watch it on the site: which is a Japanese Anime Streaming site that we have covered before in our Top 10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites Of July 2021 article.

If you’re looking for a direct link to find where to watch the Anime, please click the link below.

The site is a bit buggy, with certain pop-up ads and other suspicious items on the site, however, you will find the Anime on this site, and you will certainly be able to view all of the episodes on it without any problem. If you’re wondering if the Anime will have another Season please read our article on Amagi Brilliant Park Season 2.

Other sites to watch Amagi Brilliant Park on

Another site you can watch Amagi Brilliant Park on is Anime Dao. Anime Dao is a site that has also been featured on the Cradle View Top 10 Article: Top 10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites Of July 2021, which you can read here: Top 10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites Of July 2021 – There is a small problem, however, if you want to watch the dub of this Anime then you will have to look somewhere else. As far as we know, there is no dub available on Anime Dao.

Screenshot of the site Anime Dao

It appears there may not be a dub for this Anime on this site however so this is a drawback you might want to take into consideration. However, Anime Dao is a very user-friendly site, and as such, may not display as many pop-up ads or other over-the-top trackers to give you an all-around better experience.

If you want to watch it on Anime Dao please use this link: or click the image above to be taken exactly to the web page where it is hosted.

Where can I watch the Dub?

If you’re looking for the best place to watch the English Dub for the Anime then we have some sites you should go to. The main site we would suggest you visit to watch the Amagi Brilliant Park Dub would be – this site was featured in our Top 10 Best Anime Streaming Sites article. The site doesn’t only just feature the Dub of Amagi Brilliant Park. It also features the Special Episode (where Isuzu gives Kanie a present).

If you want to watch the Amagi Brilliant Park Dub then please click the access link below:

There are 13 Episodes currently, and a Season 2 has not yet been announced yet. If you’re unsure about watching this Anime then you can read our review of it here: Is Amagi Brilliant Park Worth Watching? Are- Looking for character profiles on some of the characters from the Anime? Then please take a look at our character profiles for the Anime here:

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