Top 10’s

This page will be dedicated to our top 5 picks of certain topics from series we have seen. This page will be updated as we continue making more blogs. Read our new blog below.

Top 10 Slice Of Life Anime To Watch On Funimation

“Slice Of Life” anime is defined mainly as stories and situations which are not normal in their initial appearance but plausible in real life. Some people have trouble understanding what this means and we can’t really offer up an explanation because that’s not why you’re here. Nevertheless we’re going to be going over (in our […]

Top 5 Romance Anime

We all love the anime romance genre, but what are those memorable series that you never forget? In this blog I’ll be detailing all the anime I’ve seen which fall under this category, and which I personally loved myself. Some picks in this list may be seen as offensive so we apologize for this. We […]

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