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Top 10 Most Underrated Anime To Watch In 2022

If you’re wondering what the top Anime is that you might have never heard of and are wondering about then you’ve found the right place. We’ve got 10 different Anime that are some of the most underrated around. If you like watching anime that maybe you don’t know much about, or Anime that ordinarily you wouldn’t watch then get ready because we’re got a ton of Anime to share with you. With the best ones at the end, make sure you stick around to see what number 4 is, it might shock you. Let’s get into it, here’s the Top 10 Best Most Underrated Anime To Watch In 2022.

10. Joker Game (1 Season, 12 Episodes)

Top 25 Most Underrated Anime To Watch In 2022 - featuring Joker Game Anime
Here is the Top 25 Most Underrated Anime To Watch In 2022 – featuring Joker Game Anime

Joker Game is set in 1937 before World War II begins in earnest. Lieutenant Colonel Yūki of the Imperial Japanese Army forms the “D Agency,” an army intelligence outfit under his command and tutelage. Army General Staff attaches Lieutenant Sakuma to observe the unit’s performance. It’s not the best Anime on this list, that’s because it might not be that great at the way it introduces characters.

In terms of production quality the anime is very good, but do not expect too much from the characters, they are spies after all. You should check this Anime out because it might be for you.

9. Log Horizon (3 Seasons, 62 Episodes)

Log Horizon
Watch log horizon

The story of Log Horizon takes place in a universe where 30,000 Japanese players and several hundreds of thousands of players worldwide are trapped in a fantasy online game world called Elder Tale. For these players, what was once a “sword-and-sorcery world” is now the “real world”!

We can also say that if you’re looking for Romance, then this show might be a good choice for you. This is because the Anime looks at love through the lens of a healthy relationship. According to many reviews online, Log Horizon’s romance is a fairly good deconstruction and reconstruction. You should give this Most Underrated Anime a go in 2022 for sure.

8. Kanata no Astra/ Astra lost in Space (1 Season, 12 Episodes)

Kanata no Astra/ Astra lost in Space
Kanata no Astra/ Astra lost in Space

Kanata no Astra/ Astra lost in Space takes place in outer space in a mysterious sphere, where nine children find themselves in an assassination plot as they retrieve a spaceship and try to return home safely. The year is 2061 when space travel is now possible and commercially viable, and the students of Caird High School embark on their Planet Camp.

This Underrated Anime has only one season, but’s 12 episodes will sure take you on a ride. Give it a go if you’re into fantasy-type space anime. As well as this, there is also some romance in the Anime if that’s your thing.

7. Baccano!

Baccano Anime
Baccano Anime

Baccano is slightly similar to Joker Game and it follows the story of a crazy fantasy caper involving alchemists, immortals, gangsters, outlaws and an elixir of immortality, spread over several decades.

In the year 1711, a group of alchemists are granted an elixir of immortality, with the stipulation that they must kill each other until there can be only one. This is a Top Underrated Anime because it contains a mixture of action, drama and comedy, along with an amazing storyline to follow, and a great cast of characters.

6. Samurai Flamenco (1 Season, 22 Episodes)

heres the best Underrated Anime To Watch In 2022
Top Underrated Anime To Watch In 2022

For our next Top 25 Most Underrated Anime To Watch In 2022 title we have Samurai Flamenco, which follows the story of male model Masayoshi Hazama, who decides to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a superhero, despite having no superpowers or the technology to create a high-powered suit.

He becomes the hero Samurai Flamenco and begins to fight crime in the name of justice. The Anime has likeable and developed characters with distinct personality traits, as well as this also comments on general character/plot tropes, mainly involving heroes and villains.

5. Ushio and Tora (1 Season, 39 Episodes)

Ushio and Tora is an underrated Anime
Ushio and Tora is an underrated Anime

For our next Top 25 Most Underrated Anime To Watch In 2022 title we have the story of Ushio and Tora follows Ushio Aotsuki, who has his whole world flipped upside down when he finds a demon in the basement of the temple depot with a spear planted in his body. Aotsuki is a stubborn middle school student and son of an eccentric temple priest who goes about life without care for his father’s claims regarding otherworldly monsters.

After finding the demon, he realises that what his father said was true and that the demon, Tora, is a very infamous beast. Aotsuki does not want to release Tora, but when a sudden youkai outbreak puts his friends and home in danger, he is left with no choice but to rely on Tora, his only insurance being the ancient spear if he gets out of hand.

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4. Hamatora (2 Seasons, 12 Episodes)


Hamatora is an Anime centred around the concept that the ability to create miracles is not just a supernatural phenomenon; it is a gift which manifests in a limited number of human beings. Following Minimum Holder Nice forms a detective agency called “Hamatora” based in Yokohama and he starts gathering a large number of allies such as his partner Murasaki and assistant Hajime as well as enemies including several criminals.

This Anime is a great one to get into, and it’s certainly underrated. It has a beautiful colour scheme and great characters, and it’s so addicting, according to many users. It might be a binge-watching show.

3. Anohana (1 Season, 12 Episodes)

Here's the Most Underrated Anime To Watch In 2022
Heres the Most Underrated Anime To Watch In 2022 – featuring Anohana

Anohana is an Anime we’ve covered before on our Top 10 Slice Of Life Anime To Watch On Netflix post. This Anime takes place in Chichibu, Saitama, a group of six sixth-grade-age childhood friends drift apart after one of them, Meiko “Menma” Honma, dies in an accident. Five years after the incident, the leader of the group, Jinta Yadomi, has withdrawn from society, does not attend high school, and lives as a recluse.

Anohana is said to be very touching and emotional, so if you’re not into all that then this anime may not be for you. There is currently 1 season with 12 episodes. On Netflix, there is a German and English dub, as well as the Original.

2. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (1 Season, 11 Episodes)

Most Underrated Anime
Tokyo Magnitude – Most Underrated Anime

As you can guess from the title of this Anime it’s about an earthquake, but not just anyone, a huge earthquake. The series follows two young siblings, Mirai and Yūki, and single mother Mari who the two meet in the aftermath of a major earthquake hitting the Japanese capital, placed in the near future (2012).

The Anime is based a lot on science and at the beginning of each episode, it’s detailed the details about the series are based on simulations of earthquakes, making it all the more realistic. This is certainly a Most Underrated Anime and you should give it a shot if you’re into natural disaster type shows.

1. Monster (74 Episodes, 2 Seasons)

Underrated Anime To Watch In 2022 - featuring Monster
Underrated Anime To Watch In 2022 – Monster

Monster follows the story of a widely respected and brilliant neurosurgeon who finds his life in utter turmoil after getting involved with a psychopathic former patient. Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a young but extremely talented neurosurgeon, lives his life working in a hospital in Germany. The Anime is an incredibly satisfying watch and rewards paying attention to smaller details.

On top of that, the story is woven very well to make even the smallest advancements seem well worth it. With a great cast of well-written characters that you will love and enjoy. It is certainly one of the Top Underrated Anime to watch in 2022 and fans can back this up. Also, it’s made by the same company that brought you Black Lagoon, so you know it’s going to be good.

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