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There’s A Kickstarter Project To Create A Dub For Emma: A Victorian Romance

The popular Anime known as Emma: A Victorian Romance has not got a dub. But that might be changing now! Users from the platform known as Kickstarters have started a Project to help the Anime known as Emma: A Victorian Romance get an English dub of it so it can be viewed for the first time in the Language. The project already has over 1,500 backers pledging an amazing $253,854 – a number that is steadily increasing.

Key Takeaways

  1. Exactly 1,615 users back the project.
  2. $253,854 has been raised.
  3. All 12 Episodes will be dubbed.
  4. As of today, the project has been fully funded.
  5. Dub will be available on Blue-Ray DVD + more.

You may have never thought things like this possible, but it turns out, this happens a lot. We see this many times with other Anime that don’t have dubs for it. Since Anime has been getting dubbed on Netflix, with their produced dubs and Netflix original self-made dubs, they have become more sought after.

It turns out that many fans want a dub for this Anime too, hopefully, the project will be successful and the dub will be made. If you want to view the original Kickstarter page where this project is hosted, just go to Let’s Dub ALL OF Emma A Victorian Romance Anime TV Series.

The Emma: A Victorian Romance Dub will be completed by The Nozomi team, who have apparently overseen 500 different Anime dubs. With this fact in mind, it is easy to see why confidence in this group is high.

Emma: A Victorian Romance is coming soon.
Emma: A Victorian Romance dub

The Nozomi team said in a statement on the Kickstarter website:

One of our goals with this project is to stay true to the series nature and to hire actors who are native or can create the authentic sounding accents for their characters.

It seems also that Ikki Tousen has been dubbed by this group and that certainly puts some confidence back into their premises of a smooth and authentic Emma: A Victorian Romance Dub.

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