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Scum’s Wish Season 2 – Premier Date + Ending explained

Overview – Scums Wish Season 2

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If you’ve just finished watching Scum’s Wish, you’re probably wondering if there is a second season. The anime adaptation of the original manga by Mengo Yokoyari has a somewhat sad story in which the two main characters, Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya are forced to use each other as a distraction from their own love interests. Mugi is in love with his music teacher Akane Minagawa, and Hanabi is deep in love with her teacher Narumi Kanai, who she has known since she was a child. The story of the first season is very influential in regards to a Scums Wish Season 2 possibility.

scum's wish season 2
Image taken from “Scums Wish Anime Adaptation” (Lerche Studios)

If you haven’t or are unsure of the story or Scums Wish the story is quite a strange one, the whole anime produces an unrealistic story that is sometimes relatable in the most realistic way. What we mean by this is that the scenes in which we see character and plot development between the two main characters are done in a realistic sort of way. For example, the sex scenes in the show aren’t in any way over the top and aren’t too erotic that you lose focus of the point of them. Both of the characters are still quite young, and this is evident in the way they are depicted.


Both charters are inexperienced in sex (obviously) and this helps by giving them common ground to be on. As the series progresses we see that both characters seem to develop feelings for each other, and mainly Hanabi is the one who expresses them first to Mugi.

The only elements that seem to be holding both Mugi and Hanabi from being with each other romantically are the ones they were first invested in. In Hanabi’s case, this is Mr Kanai, and in Mugi’s case, this is Miss Minigawa.

The ending that dissatisfied viewers – Overview – Scums Wish Season 2

So the mainframe of the story is set up, and in fact, lots of people were dissatisfied with the ending stating that it was not conclusive and that the writer could have written a much better ending, considering what they had just read. This ending obviously affects how a Scums Wish season 2 will look and be set up/structured.


On the other hand, there are many people who agree and support the ending of the anime adaption, stating that in their eyes it is a good ending because of the way it is structured. Many critics, fans and general watchers of the series claim that, in their opinion, the show does not have a conclusive ending regarding Mugi and Hanabi’s relationship.

So how will this effect wether or not there will be a Scums Wish season 2? You’ll have to keep reading to reading this article to find out, because we’re going to get to that later on.

scum's wish season 2
Image taken from “Scums Wish Anime Adaptation” (Lerche Studios) – Scums Wish Season 2

While this is technically true, many people fail to see the reason that they stopped seeing and interacting with each other in the first place.

They were just too young to have a proper conventional relationship and even if they did it most likely would not work out. This is of course backed up by the fact that each of them has love interests for someone else.

In other words, they could never really work unless they forgot about the people they really wanted to love. And, in the show, this seems to be quite hard even given Hanabi’s proposal to Mugi to “start dating for real”, as she calls it. They even go as far as to try and have full intercourse but that doesn’t even work out.

Anime Adaption – Scums Wish Season 2

The anime adaption shows the sad reality of fake and unrequited love and shows both Mugi and Hanabi both getting rejected in the end. The series basically revolves around a contract that Mugi and Hanabi create in order to satisfy each other’s sexual and emotional needs since both of them cannot have the one they truly love.

As well as viewing Hanabi and Mugi’s story we also see the perspective of several other characters in the anime. The most infamous of the other characters and arguably the protagonist of the story is Miss Minagawa who is in my opinion an obvious sociopath. She sees the world and others in what we would call an undesirable way and uses certain characters in the series for her own gain.

Although the anime seems to depict her changing her ways in the last episode, when she marries Mr Kanai, the spin-off manga called “Kuzu no Honkai décor” shows her attitude hasn’t changed as she says she hasn’t got time for “quickies” and wants to keep her affairs to a high standard.

We do not know if Mugi and Hanabi are aware of this, and regardless the story ends with Hanabi and Mugi deciding not to be together.

The explanation for this is that when Mugi and Hanabi were together their love was not genuine. They only relied on each other for sex and emotional support. In fact, Mugi and Hanabi even go as far as to pretend each of them is the one they are in love with. However, after they both get rejected by the ones they love, (or arguably partly only Hanabi) they realize that they need to find true love and someone who will love them back. This desire seems to be the reason they don’t end up together. And therefore the story (and manga) endings are somewhat conclusive but only to an extent as we don’t see them end up together and the actual story doesn’t solve any of the problems that arose at the start.

The Spinoff Manga – Scums Wish Season 2

scum's wish season 2
Image taken from “Scums Wish Anime Adaptation” (Lerche Studios)

Significance of the spinoff manga (Scums Wish Season 2)

The spin-off manga known as Kuzu no Honkai décor shows the lives of most of the important characters after the events of the anime and manga. And in the end panels, we see a half conclusive ending regarding Hanabi and Mugi’s relationship. If you want to read about the spin-off manga ending click here. The ending of the anime was pretty inconclusive, and hopes for Scums Wish Season 2 in the same timeline (straight after the events of the first manga) are unlikely as the ending was pretty inconclusive.


However, what we can expect (but definitely not grantee) is an adaption of the spin-off manga. The adaption will pick up sometime after the events of the first anime adaption and will showcase events and characters sometime after (maybe a year or so) the events of the first anime adaptation.

We will see the return of the main characters Mugi and Hanabi and also Miss Minagawa and Mr Kanai? Would we see Miss Minagawa and Mr Kanai in scums wish season 2? It is very likely yes, as they were still together in the spin-off manga.

So therefore they would most likely still be together in the anime adaption of the spin-off manga, in other words scums wish season 2. If you have read the spin-off manga then you will know that it focuses on mainly Kanai’s and Minagawa’s life as they chose to conceive a child much to the disappointment (you may think) of Hanabi. However, we see in the manga that Hanabi has come to terms with their relationship, and has somewhat if not completely accepted it.

Conclusion – Scums Wish Season 2

The end panels of the spin off manga show both Mugi and Hanabi being reunited with each other at a rock concert in which Hanabi is part of the staff team. In short, Mugi tells Hanabi that he is going to improve his life overall and search for an appropriate job so that he can turn his life around. If you’re hoping for a Scums Wish Season 2 then watch the video below to help you understand the article you’ve

He then tells Hanabi to “hold off from getting a boyfriend for now” and after this, they hold hands. So in that receipt the spin of manga offers a more, yet still not totally, conclusive ending or explanation to the story of Hanabi and Mugi. If you weren’t satisfied with the ending of Scum’s Wish please watch this video as we think it will bring you some clarity over the whole story:

Cradle View YouTube Channel

As of now thats all we can say for this story and we hope that again, Lerche Studios decides to take up the role of adapting the spin-off manga.

Although it’s quite short we recommend that you take a look at it if you’re not happy with the ending of the anime adaptation. You can read Kuzu no Honkai décor (the spin-off manga) from the start here: https://mangajar.com/manga/scum-s-wish-decor/

To read the FINAL part of the spin-off manga where Mugi meets Hanabi please click this link: https://mangajar.com/manga/scum-s-wish-decor/chapter/5.1

Overall Rating for this series:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


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