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Scum’s Wish Ending Explained

Scum’s Wish is a dramatic romance anime that came out 3 years ago. The anime follows the story of Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya who being a relationship despite the fact they are not in love. In this post, I will go over the Scum’s Wish Ending explained / Kuzu No Honkai Ending explained. The anime received high reviews due to its emotional story which made it a great watch for many viewers. The reason for this is a sad story of unrequited love and it involves both Yasuraoka and Awaya and a whole host of other characters.

The ending of Scum’s Wish was seen as dissatisfying and inconclusive because unfortunately, it didn’t actually address any of the problems that arose from the first season. We already covered this anime in our article regarding Scum’s Wish Season 2.

How the story between them starts

The story follows 2 high school students, Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya who find out about each other’s sexual interests. Yasuraoka likes her teacher and old childhood mentor, Mr Kanai and Awaya is in love with his music teacher, Akane Minagawa. In the first episode, Yasuraoka, or Hana as I’ll refer to her as and Awaya or Mugi as I’ll refer to him, is in love with Minagawa.

Hana notices this and asks Mugi about his love for her. Mugi tells Hana all about his love for this teacher and how long he has had these feelings for her. The story between the two characters is vital to the Scum’s Wish ending explained.

So in essence, the two both agree to start a fake sexual relationship in order to rely on each other for support and love, even if the love is not real. This is because Hana and Mugi just pretend the other is the one they are really in love with. I

n fact, during the ending of the first episode, Hanabi calls their pact her “Scums Wish” and this is obviously where the name comes from. It’s a very unhealthy and potentially damaging practice the two decide to carry this on but they do it anyway thinking they will get some satisfaction through it.

Yasuraoka & Awaya’s relationship – Scum’s Wish Ending Explained

The two question each other more on their own love interest and both admit there is a very slim chance they will ever even get to confess to the ones they love. In the first episode, the two then start a pact and agree to go out with each other, but not because they love each other. The two agree to pretend to love each other so the pain of rejection won’t be so great when it comes around. Hana pretends that Mugi is Mr Kanai and vice versa.

This leads to Mugi and Hana having multiple sexual encounters and pretending that the other is the one they are in love with so they do not think about what they really want. This happens a lot of times over the course of the anime series and the two try their hardest to provide for each other.

Whenever Mugi or Hana notices the other is being distracted by the one they truly love, then they will take the other somewhere where they can be in private so they can distract them instead. This warped system seems to have gone on for a long time, even into the later episodes, when Hana starts to experiment with another female character with who she starts to also have sexual encounters as well.

The ending of their relationship

Now to go over Scum’s Wish Ending Explained we need to look at the final episode where the two agree to meet up at the park at 6 PM. Near the end of the story, Mugi and Hana agree that they are going to ask the ones they love if they feel the same way and finally confess their love.

They both agree to do it at the same time on a Friday, they agree that if they both get rejected they will meet back in a park near their houses so they can be together again, if they don’t show up at the agreed time, then the other will assume that they weren’t rejected. On the day of this event, Hana sets off to confide in Mr Kanai and tell him about the way she feels and Mugi goes to do the same to Mrs Minagawa.

Unfortunately in the anime for Hana, Mugi doesn’t return and Hana is left alone at the park waiting for him. This affects Hana and she is disappointed that he isn’t there for her, when she finds out where he was she isn’t surprised either.

After this Hana realizes that Mugi didn’t come because when he spoke to Minagawa she agreed to have sex with him but was only tricking him anyway as that’s what she wants. Minagawa isn’t actually in love with Mugi at all and doesn’t have any interest in him, she keeps him around because she likes the attention. In fact, Hana refers to Mugi as “one of Akane’s fanboys” as she’s liked by a lot of boys at the school.

After this event, Hana and Mugi start seeing each other less and less and then suddenly, but not too long after the rejection Hana and Mugi stop talking to each other and a month later don’t even look at each other when they pass each other in the halls or anywhere for that matter.

Hana notes how strange this is, considering the two have had lots of sexual encounters and confided in each other for a long time. In our article on whether or not Scums Wish will get a season 2 we went into detail and discussed what happened after these events in the manga. As there is a second spin-off manga known as Kuzu no Honkai décor which offers an insight into what the character has been up to while some time has passed.

The problem with the spin-off manga is that just like the original it didn’t offer a conclusive ending at all and only gave a more inconclusive ending. It showed in the end panels a glimpse of Hana talking to Mugi where he tells her to hold off from getting a boyfriend. You can read more about that in this article:

Scum’s Wish Ending Explained

After finding out that Hana has started a lesbian sexual relationship with another character in the series, Sanae Ebato, Mugi seems to lose interest in Hana and this is evident in how he starts to avoid her. They both ignore each other when they pass the other in school. Soon they barely see each other. We then get to the end scene.

The end scene of Scums Wish is moving, sad and emotional to say the least and it very much wasn’t that conclusive either. The ending featured a simple voice-over from Hana saying what happened to their relationship and what is going to happen in the future.

After this Hana starts to contemplate if seeing Mugi will actually benefit her at all and if they should carry on this relationship. She realises that unrequited love is not so amazing and then realises not all love is amazing and rewarding.

Hana then says in a voice-over that hopefully the two will both find love and will never have to do something like this again, not that they actually had to do it they just wanted to. Hana comments on wanting to find true love and how she hopes that both of them will find the one they love as well.

The ending scene showed us that Hana and Mugi had moved on from their first initial relationship and seem to have grown up, although Mugi was still attached to Minagawa and still sees her after himself and Hana agrees to confess. It is very important to understand Scum’s Wish Ending Explained.

What does the ending mean for Hanabi and Mugi?

The ending in the anime is cloudy and doesn’t offer a good solution to all the problems that were presented in the anime. If that really was the end of any future relationship between the two, then why end it in such a loose and inconclusive way? – not to mention it is very dissatisfying. The reason is that it isn’t meant to be.

The spin-off manga is just showing where the characters are now in their life, it certainly shows us that Mugi and Hana will see each other again. The Kuzu No Honkai Ending was so because it was paving the way for a second season or at least leaving it open for interpretation and anything really.

In likelihood we are going to see Hana and Mugi again, it may take some time before the two are in each other’s arms again but we will just have to wait and see. The truth is that Hana and Mugi are meant to be, although they distance themselves from each other because they think it’s the best thing realistically only the other knows the other’s real problems and what they’ve done to cope with them.

The best candidate for Mugi would be Hana and the best candidate for Hana would be Mugi. If they could figure out their differences and overcome them then I think the two would be perfect for each other.

This is because they know what the other has gone through, what drives them, and most importantly how to comfort them. It’s something that is explored in the spin-off manga so we suggest you read our article on season 2 and then the spin-off manga.

Until any more of the story is told or the writer of the Manga, Mengo Yokoyari, decides to write more content other than the Spin-off Manga, this is where we are. Or at least, this is where Hanabi and Mugi’s story goes off in the Kuzu No Honkai Ending. We really hope this article has been effective in helping answer any questions you might have had about this anime. We really hope you have a great day, please like and share this article if you found it useful.

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