Refund Policy

If you purchase a product from the shop section of our website: – which is: then your order is subject to the terms as specified below.

All customers are entitled to a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Upon receiving the item, if you find it is damaged in some way: such as being wet, torn, dirty, etc. You are entitled to a refund.

This will take place once we have received the item. Once you have got the item and want to return it you will required need to provide us with a photo of the item and show us how it is damaged.

No free returns

You must pay for the item to be shipped back to us. You must do this using an good shipping service, such as: Fed Ex, UPS, DPD or Royal Mail, there are many other services you can use.

After we have received the package containing the item we want a refund for, we will take a look at the items and make our decision. If we decide to refund you then you will received 100% of your money back via refund within 24 hours.

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