Top 50 Romance Anime To Watch On Netflix

Netflix is a streaming platform that many people use, with over 5,000 titles on the USA section there is sure to be a romantic anime series or movie that will fit your tastes. In this article, we’re going to be going over the 50 romance anime to watch on Netflix. 50. Love, Chunibyo & Other […]

Is Rent-A-Girlfriend Worth Watching?

Rent-A-Girlfriend or RAG as I’ll be referring to it as in this article is pretty much what the title alludes. It’s about a young man in his 20s who, after being unremorsefully dumped after his partner falls in love with someone else, alerting him to this after a month had passed of their relationship. He […]

Is Bakemonogatari Worth Watching?

Bakemonogatari and the Monogatari series in genreal is very popular among anime fans and it seems to be a long running anime for fans. So what makes this anime so interesting for viewers to watch. We’re going to be getting into that in this blog so keep reading. They’re aren’t going to be alot of […]

Is Keijo Worth Watching?

Intro First of all lets understand what Keijo is and then we can talk about the story. Keijo is a sport where the contestants, all of whom are female, must knock their opponents off a floating island using only their breasts or arse (sorry I’m English). That’s the whole story and it doesn’t get much […]

Top 10 Slice Of Life Anime To Watch On Funimation

“Slice Of Life” anime is defined mainly as stories and situations which are not normal in their initial appearance but plausible in real life. Some people have trouble understanding what this means and we can’t really offer up an explanation because that’s not why you’re here. Nevertheless we’re going to be going over (in our […]

Kono Oto Tomare! – Is A Season 3 Possible?

Overview Kono Oto Tomare or Sounds Of Life! or in English “Sounds Of Life!” is one of those anime’s where you either love it or hate it. The story is very straight forward and easy to follow and it has a simple problem solution type story. Personally, I loved both seasons and I really had […]

Do Anime And Cannabis Go Together? – Honest Opinion

Introduction Lots of people all over the world watch anime, from different backgrounds and personalities. So surely that means there is a wide range of these watchers who also smoke weed while watching right? Well in this blog I’m going to be giving my honest opinion on how affects you while your watching, and the […]

Classroom Of The Elite – Why A Season 2 Is Very Likely + Overall Thoughts

Classroom Of The Elite or COTE as I’ll be referring to it as in this blog had a very good and interesting story when I first started watching it. It sets the stakes very high and set up a brilliant narrative throughout the first season. If you haven’t already watched it, we highly suggest you […]

Top 5 Romance Anime

We all love the anime romance genre, but what are those memorable series that you never forget? In this blog I’ll be detailing all the anime I’ve seen which fall under this category, and which I personally loved myself. Some picks in this list may be seen as offensive so we apologize for this. We […]

Scum’s Wish Season 2 – When will it premier? + Ending explained

Overview If you’ve just finished watching Scum’s Wish, you’re probably wondering if there is a second season. The anime adaptation of the original manga by Mengo Yokoyari has a somewhat sad story in which the two main characters, Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya are forced to use each other as a distraction from their own […]

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