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Police Kick Protester In Head & Assault Crowd on New Year’s Eve In London [See Full Video] 

During a so-called Freedom Protest in London on New Year’s Eve, what seemed like a peaceful protest was halted, when the Met Police turned up. During an incident where one man is seen in the crowd peacefully, we see 4-5 officers then approach him and begin to push and shove, eventually knocking the man over and surrounding him. From any normal peoples point of view, this random act wouldn’t make any sense.

However, this is a common Riot Control static used by the Met and other Police forces around the world called “smash and grab”. Essentially you single out one protestor from the crowd, with the sole intention of taking them out of the crowd but not always arresting them at the end.

You then take them away and move on to the next person. This tactic seems to work quite well, as you can then use the fact that all of the other protestors will try to assist them as further cause for violence against the sole protestor and the other protesters.

From the video, you can clearly see this is what happens, although not very fast, the sole protestor is singled out and taken away. The video is available to stream below via YouTube, however, you must be signed in to view it as it’s aged restricted as a result of violent and distressing content in the video.

credit: Resistance GB

At the end of the video, we see all the Police walk back the long distance in the park to their vans. They then put the man who was assaulted earlier into a van and this is where the video ends. Well, after the police assault some more bystanders filmed what they are doing. One man and his partner seem to point out at the end of the video that the response is not necessary. Almost in a matter-of-fact way the Captain responded saying that the protestors had attacked them, and that is why they were all there.

As if he thought that the real reason so many police were there was because one officer who wasn’t there anyway was attacked.

So why this tactic? Why go all the way into the park to arrest one man who is there peacefully, it doesn’t really make sense unless you think about the Snatch and Grab tactic.

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