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Japanese Streetwear – The complete CVS Guide

Japanese Streetwear is becoming more and more relevant by the day, with tons of new designs and outfits spilling onto fashion shows, our social media feeds, and many other popular Asian platforms, like TikTok and Qzone. With this new popular style now falling onto the main stage of Global Fashion, it’s time to take a look at where Japanese Street Clothing & urban Tokyo Streetwear designs came from, and how it all started.

A brief overview of Japanese Streetwear

It’s quite difficult to put a single design, feature or single style. It’s mostly out of the ordinary, we can see from different images taken from the 1980s up to now that the fashion style is very diverse.

Now for this reason it’s hard to put your finger on what Japanese Streetwear really means. In sense, it takes an expressive style and is made to stand out.

Wearers of the style can be seen wearing mixed up items of clothing like oversized jackets and tops with smaller tight bottoms. Many youths in Tokyo in the 90s would open up Japanese Street clothing booths where they would sell items. This point in history made for a new era of Japan Streetwear, with seller designing their own clothing and reselling it.

When did Tokyo Streetwear start?

Japanese Streetwear designs can be traced back to the 1980s, with popular fashion items being worn by youth in Tokyo to express themselves in a new cool, outlandish and trendy look. We can see clearly that the current designs in the 2020s have evolved a lot from the outfits we can see in the 80s.

A simple Google search of Japanese Streetwear will reveal to you that there were many different fashion styles present during this time. An example of this would 1950’s Rockerbilly Style. Which, as the name suggests, take inspiration from the 1950s American Rock scene.

Some very identifiable traits would be the leather jackets, Slick backed hair and white shirts. This style had become popular during this time, and is still prevalent in Japan today, also playing a part in current Tokyo Streetwear.

What is Techwear?

Now Tech clothing is not necessarily completely obsolete to Japanese Street Clothing. However, there are claims that it originated in Japan. It’s not only popular in Japan, but also in China and many other South East-Asian countries. Techwear combines high-quality fabrics and technical detailing. The end result is a fashion item that both look fresh and stand up to elements.

It has not been around forever though, but from at least 2010, it’s been ever so steadily moving on and making a statement in Asian Streetwear.

As well as this, most Techwear items allow for extra pockets and storage compartments for you to store what you need most. Techwear is interesting because it combines style with practicality. This may be the main reason it is loved among wearers.

Impact on Global Fashion

The impact that Japanese Fashion has had on the Global Fashion scene is undeniable, but we’d have to talk about one the main reasons Japanese Streetwear has become so popular.

That reason is Social Media, with lots of compilation videos on Instagram reels and TikTok showing popular Fashion outfits from Tokyo.

This element has played a large role in amplifying the fashion outfits to the west and the rest of the world, with the designs racking up attention with other US influencers.

You may not be aware but some very impact brands include Babe, TOKKOU and Neighbourhood and more. These are very successful and trendy clothing brands. They would certainly not be successful if it was not for the essence of Japanese Streetwear that created them.

Looking for somewhere to shop?

If you’re looking for some really trendy and comfy streetwear that will stand out then CVS is the best place to look. CVS is mainly independent from Cradle View, and operates under different management. For affordable and great quality clothing. Look no further. Here’s what the co-managing director had to say:

“At Cradle View Store we offer tons of different clothing and accessory categories. The biggest by far is Asian streetwear, containing two sub-catagories: Japanese & Chinese Streetwear. There’s everything you may need, from sneakers to shirts, hats, pants and of course accessories. If you’re looking for something more specific you can always get in touch with us and we’ll take care of your request.”

(Lucia, CVS Store Manager)

Some Japanese Streetwear items you should check out today.

If you’re looking for some must-buy Japanese Streetwear items, then you should definitely check out the Japanese Streetwear Category on CVS. Here are some hot new clothes they have on offer. You can use code: CVS4 to take $4 dollars off your entire order!

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Naruto Cloud Hoodie

Naruto Cloud Hoodie

Here is a Naruto Cloud Hoodie from Cradle View Store, featuring a red Cloud design from the Anime on a Black hoodie available in up to 11 different colours. Thats over 10 colours for you to choose from all with an awesome design on the front, and an arm design going down the left arm. This has some more Naruto symbolism and is taken from the Anime. Available in many different sizes as well.

Oversized Japanese Ghost Hoodie

oversized Japanese Ghost Hoodie

Here we have a captivating piece of clothing taking inspiration straight from Japan and the streets of Tokyo with this much loved Hoodie is a must-buy item if you’re a fan of this style of clothing. The hoodie is available in White, Pink and Black. Get yours today at Cradle View Store and enjoy a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not happy.

Womens Harajuku HEAT Street Hoodie

Womens Harajuku HEAT Street Hoodie

Available in white and black, this HEAT shirt from Cradle View Store will capture anyone’s attention and leave your admirers stunned. Very stylish HEAT Harajuku shirt straight from CVS. Get your today. Beautiful street designs on front with feathers.

Knitted Harajuku Winter Sweater

Knitted Harajuku Winter Sweater

If you want to mix style with your pure love for Anime then consider the Knitted Harajuku Winter Anime Sweater from CVS. A very comfy & detailed sweater made just for Anime fans and lovers. Mix and match this sweater with some of your Japanese Streetwear and Anime clothing for a perfect combination! Buy now from CVS and enjoy a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on all products including the sweater.

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