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Rebellion on Netflix - Is It Worth Watching?

Is Rebellion On Netflix Worth Watching?

Rebellion is a popular show on Netflix that takes place in Ireland during Dublin’s violent Easter Rising of 1916. The show follows many different characters and includes a host of popular actors from UK TV such as Brian Gleeson, Ruth Bradley, Charlie Murphy and many more. In this article, we will discuss if the show […]

The Junkyard - Why This Meaningful Story About Child Neglect Is A Must Watch

The Junkyard – Why This Meaningful Story About Child Neglect Is A Must Watch

The Junkyard is dark, to say the least, but it’s not just the sombre and depressing tone set throughout the film that defines this observation, it’s ultimately also the ending which produces a different theme entirely. The story of the Junkyard follows two youths called Paul and Anthony who become friends. We don’t see how […]

Samurai Champloo Review

Why You Must Watch Samurai Champloo

There haven’t been many Anime over my Anime watching journey that have really stood out the way Samurai Champloo has. The series very much surprised me as I wasn’t expecting a lot from the title to be honest. What will become very clear once you start the first episode is that Samurai Champloo is not […]

Must Watch Anime Of Spring 2021

Must Watch Anime Of Spring 2021

With shows like Attack on Titan, Dr. Stone, Wonder Egg Priority, etc, winter 2021 features a brilliant collection of anime titles. The list of anime that are going to start airing in the next season is just as amazing, if not better. Today, I’ve compiled together a list of the must-watch anime of spring 2021 […]

Top 10 Romance Anime to watch on crunchyroll

Is Kaguya Sama Worth Watching?

Kagya Sama Love Is War is a very popular and fairly new anime that was released in 2019 it had quite an interesting story to start off with but the second season started to get stale and this effects in terms of how the main narrative and different episodes corresponded. The story centres around 2 […]

Is 7 Seeds worth watching?

Is 7 Seeds Worth Watching?

7 Seeds is a fairly new anime that has come out being released on Netflix in June 2019. It was originally adapted from the manga written by Yumi Tamura. I would like to make sure you know that this is a review of 7 Seeds. The anime follows the story of a group of survivors […]

Is Grand Blue worth watching?

Is Grand Blue Worth Watching?

Overview – Is Grand Blue worth watching? Is Grand Blue Worth Watching? Well I first watched Grand Blue when it came out, around early 2018 late 2017. At first I wasn’t expecting anything special, just your average anime series centered around one particular topic. This time it happened to be diving, which peaked my interest […]

Is A Silent Voice Worth Watching?

Overview The movie “A Silent Voice” has worn various awards and received large amounts of fame over the 4 years it’s been released. The movie follows the story of a deaf girl called Shouko who joins the same school as Shoya, who starts to bully her because she is different. He goes as far as […]

Is Bakemonogatari Worth Watching?

Bakemonogatari and the Monogatari series in genreal is very popular among anime fans and it seems to be a long running anime for fans. So what makes this anime so interesting for viewers to watch. We’re going to be getting into that in this blog so keep reading. They’re aren’t going to be alot of […]

Is Keijo Worth Watching?

Intro First of all lets understand what Keijo is and then we can talk about the story. Keijo is a sport where the contestants, all of whom are female, must knock their opponents off a floating island using only their breasts or arse (sorry I’m English). That’s the whole story and it doesn’t get much […]

Is Amagi Brilliant Park Worth Watching?

Overview – Is Amagi Brilliant Park Worth Watching? Amagi Brilliant Park had a pretty engaging and interesting story in my opinion, and it mainly revolves around the restoration and salvation of a dying amusement park by our main protagonist Seiya Kanie. Im going to be referring to Amagi Brilliant Park as ABP, so be aware. […]

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