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How Many Seasons Does High-Rise Invasion Have?

How many seasons does High-Rise Invasion have? In this post, find out how many seasons have been released, when they originally aired and what type of content each season contains. We’ll also detail a few of the characters and more.

How Many Seasons of High Rise Invasion Are Available?

So how many seasons does High-Rise Invasion have? High Rise Invasion currently has 1 season, with the latest one released in 2021. These two seasons feature a total of 23 episodes, centring around the story of Yuri Honjo and her quest to escape the high-rise tower world overrun by monsters and creatures bent on destruction.

In each episode, she must make difficult decisions that bring her closer to escaping, while facing more danger and intrigue at each turn.

What is the plot of High-Rise Invasion?

High Rise Invasion is set in a world where towers are suddenly built and connected to create a separate world. It follows the story of Yuri Honjo, who falls from the sky into one of these towers and finds herself alone in this mysterious new world.

To make matters worse, the tower is overrun with monsters, creatures and other dangerous obstacles that Yuri must fight her way through if she hopes to escape. With each twist and turn of the story, Yuri must use her wit to find a way out while discovering even more intrigue on her journey.

Who are the main characters?

The main character in High Rise Invasion is Yuri Honjo. Yuri is the protagonist, who finds herself trapped in the tower world. She is brave and determined but also naive which makes her a complex character. If you’re wondering how many seasons does High-Rise Invasion have, then these characters are important, because they will come up soon.

There is also Sniper Mask, Kuon Shinzaki, Mayuko Nise and of course, Rika Honjo, who is Yuri’s brother, who was trapped in the tower before Yuri arrived. He helps guide Yuri to safety while offering insight into what they’re facing as they attempt to escape.

Where can I Watch it?

High Rise Invasion is available to watch on streaming platforms like Netflix, Funimation, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video. All of the episodes are available to stream in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

If you have all access to Hulu, you’ll be able to watch the first half of season one with a subscription. Watching High Rise Invasion online is an easy and convenient way to catch up on all the action!

How Many Seasons Does High-Rise Invasion Have
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What development has been announced for the future of High-Rise Invasion?

High Rise Invasion has been confirmed to have a season two premiering in 2021. As of June 2020, it had been confirmed that the series would return with a new director and new animation studios.

The plot will reportedly move away from the original stories of season one and delve into more personal stories of survival, while still keeping the same intense action-style fans have come to enjoy.

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