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Happy Valley Series 3, Episode 4 Ending Explained – How Did Tommy Lee Royce Escape?

After the climactic fourth episode of Happy Valley Series 3, some fans may have been left wondering how Tommy Lee Royce escaped Crown Court. Well, here is Happy Valley Series 3, Episode 4 ending explained, how Tommy Lee Royce escaped, and more.

What’s happened so far?

In Happy Valley series 3, Tommy Lee Royce is in prison, for a number of different crimes, including murder. It’s revealed that he is serving in a prison in Yorkshire, not far from Leeds.

However, during the first episodes of the first series, Ryan seems to have made a number of trips to the prison where Royce is incarcerated, without the consent or knowledge of Catherine Cawood, his Grandmother.

Cawood pleads with Ryan to cease contact with Royce

When Cawood eventually does find out that Ryan has been seeing him with the help of Claire (Cawood’s sister) and her husband Neil, she is shocked and bewildered, reserving her anger for when she confronts Claire later on in episode 3.

When Cawood realizes that Ryan has been making repeated visits to the prison, she tries her best to persuade him to stop, however, her attempts fall on deaf ears.

Royce asks Ryan to attend his court hearing

Another thing that Cawood learns is that Ryan has been asked by his farher to attend his court hearing, where he would be further sentenced for more crimes, possibly murder. This fact seems to completely confuse Cawood, and for good reason.

Why would Royce want Ryan to attend his court hearing? When it is more than likely that he will get sentenced to even more heinous crimes? – This is a question that makes Cawood concerned and frustrated, and later, as we will explain, these emotions are very valid.

Viktor’s men show up at Royce’s court hearing – Happy Valley Episode 4

In Happy Valley episode 4, after losing money because their storage house is raided by police, two gang members answer to a mysterious character called Viktor and are tasked with heading over to Leeds as repayment for their mistake.

It’s not revealed what they are meant to do until Happy Valley Episode 4, where they turn up at the court where Royce is being sentenced, entering the court lobby, while they search for Royce’s name on the notice board. While doing this they unknowingly stand next to Royce’s son Ryan, who has skipped school to appear at the hearing.

Violence breaks out in the court lobby

In Happy Valley Episode 4, the two young men that Viktor sent are in the court lobby sitting on chairs, when they spot another man sitting down and and a man next to him who appears to be his solicitor (lawyer).

One of Viktors’ men shouts “Hey I know you don’t I? You’re that nonce that fucks his own sister”.

Happy Valley Series 4, episode 4
© BBC ONE (Happy Valley)

It’s obvious that this allegation is false, and only intended to start a commotion, and later a fight between the man who is accused, his lawyer, and the two men, while we cut back to Royce in a box with two guards inside.

After this, it’s revealed that a full-scale fight has broken out in the court lobby, and soon a number of court officers are sent outside to assist with the brawl, setting off the panic alarm in the process.

In the commotion Royce quickly pounces on one of the guards in the box, punching him in the face as he turns around, being momentarily distracted by the shouting outside. He then turns round, kicks another in the face, and simply climbs over the box and drops to the ground.

Tommy Lee Royce escapes
© BBC ONE (Happy Valley Series 3)

He elbows another man who tries to stop him and runs out of the lobby to the exit, screaming “Police” as he barges past members of the public until he is out the door.

Shortly after he exits, the door is shut due to the alarm, disallowing the courtroom officers to give chase and apprehend him.

Tommy Lee Royce escapes

After this he sprints down a street and into a convince store, quickly making his way to the back and into another room, where he closes the door and puts on a red tracksuit, a pair of shades, and a helmet.

After this, he simply exits the shop via a back entrance and gets on a bicycle, simply riding away onto the main street, and away from any suspecting police.

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