If you wish to submit a DMCA Take Down Request, either as someone who represents the copyright-holder or the copyright-holder yourself you can submit it to this email:

Please adhere to all legal responsibilities when submitting the request and make sure to link to the content that infringes on your or the copyright holder’s rights. Once you submit the request, please allow us up to 24 hours to review the request and alert you of our response regarding the takedown request.

If we find that the request is not legal and/or your request is invalid (for example you submit a takedown request for content you do not own or have the right to) we will reject your request. However, we will respond to your email and let you know what our decision is.

If your request is valid, the content you link to or cite will either be removed immediately or within 24 hours. Our site: is 100% DMCA compliant and we remove all (if any) copyrighted content that we do not own the rights to.

We do our best to prevent copyrighted content from appearing on our site

Sometimes authors on our site who work for us via contract or freelance writers use or steal content that is not theirs. As well as this, some users on our site who possess accounts and manage them, upload copyrighted content in the form of posts, images on community pages or even in their own profile picture for their account on Cradle View.

We do our best to prevent this, and it is our duty to find such violations and act on them as soon as we can and we do. Again, if you know there is something on Cradle View that infringes on your rights, please send an email to:

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