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Here you can view all of our current, public character profiles. We are sorry if the character you’re looking for isn’t present. They could still be in production and the page could be created soon. If you or you friends have any characters who don’t appear below and who you would like to see added, then go to contact page and please send us a message.

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Recent characters

Warrick Archengelo Character Profile

Character Profile – Warrick Archengelo

Overview – Character Profile Warrick Archengelo Warrick Archengelo is the second character out of our three main characters in Gangsta and works more as a negotiator than a fighter when compared to Nick. Although he caries a handgun, he normally does all the talking, as opposed to Nick. In the series has portrayed as a […]

Character Profile - Nicholas Brown

Character Profile – Nicholas Brown

Overview – Character Profile Nicholas Brown Nicholas Brown is in our trio of the the three main characters in the anime gangsta (GANGSTA.) and is referred to sometimes as “Nick”. In the gangsta anime (GANGSTA.) Nick is a Twighlight or T.A.G. and as a result, possesses special abilities that allow him to maximise his body’s […]

More characters comming soon….

Sorry about the absence of any characters you may not see in this section of the site. We are working our hardest to solve any problems that relate to this and to add as many characters from our articles as possible.

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