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Best Sexy Tiktok Dances

TikTok is famous for the dances of some of its users. Some of these dances can go viral very easily. TikTok has become such a popular Social Media and video app over the past few years – and with so many different TikTok dances out there are so many that are very popular because of how they are performed. So in this list, we’re giving you some of the Best Sexy TikTok Dances.

Jillian Fox (USA)

@jillianfoxx #JustDanceMoves ♬ original sound – sierre 🧚🏽‍♀️

Jillian is very talented at TikTok Sexy Dances and uses the power of her huge TikTok account to gain a lot of retention and views. Jillian will be featured a lot more on this list and this site so stay up to date with our socials so you never miss an update!

Faith Marone (USA)

@thefaithmarone pool party? #fyp #WhatsYourPower #conochallenge ♬ Coño (feat. Jhorrmountain x Adje) – Puri

Faith Marone has over 300,00 followers now on TikTok and has been credited for doing many Sexy TikTok Dances as well as many Sexy TikTok Videos.

Katy Sancheski (Spain)


♬ original sound – Abigail

Katy Sancheski is an all-time classic. She is no stranger to TikTok or any kind of Social Media. She’s all over YouTube and Instagram and for good reason. She’s known for making very Sexy TikTok Dances.

Pietra Consulin (USA)


I would probs b making tiktoks in your house 🤓

♬ Unlock it (Lock It) [Jeff Prior Mix] – Charli XCX

Pietra Consulin is another TikTok star with a smaller number of followers than some of the other girls on this list. However, she’s very good at Sexy TikTok dances and this is evident with some of her other posts. She’s got some big potential for TikTok.

Izzy Lion (England)

@izzylyonx #fyp ♬ Say I Yi Yi – Ying Yang Twins

Izzy Lion is another TikTok dancer from England. And she is very popular with some of the TikTok dances hitting over 8 million views on some of her videos. You can see why she is on the list for Best Sexy TikTok dances. And her performance is a sign of good things to come.

Jillian Fox (USA)

@jillianfoxx Hopping on this trend #razrfit ♬ Maejor – Lights Down Low – ✅auditions are open!✅

Sexy TikTok Dances are done best by those who’ve done them many times. This is still how it is for Jillian. She is very good at getting high amounts of views to her posts on TikTok, and it is very easy to see why.

Faith Marone (USA)

@thefaithmarone Instagram- thefaithmarone ♥️ #fyp #rainonme #TheHighNote ♬ original sound – Faith Marone

Faith Morone has been very popular on TikTok for a long time and her videos have gotten a lot of attention. She mostly doesn’t do anything too amazing. Just flaunts around for half a minute or so before finishing. Anyway, we hope you enjoy her content we have more of her videos. showcase.

Brittany Von

@brittneyvon Lex got hit in the face 😂 #fyp #4thofjuly #foryourpage #xyzcba #foryou ♬ Marry Me (feat. Toya Wright) – Rasheeda

Brittany Von is a beautiful dancer from the USA and on TikTok, she is amazing at TikTok dances. She is very amazing at these kinds of Dances and is a high contender on this list.



♬ Up bad bitch remix – King of the north 👑🇨🇦

An amazing TikTok Dancer and Social Media star is notsaramasscara. She has been noted for some amazing TikTok dances and you can see her style is very unique.

Caitlin Brown

@caitlin…brown Have a draft x #foryou #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – 442

Just like the other dancers on this list, Caitlin Brown is also a very popular TikTok Dancer with a very engaged fan base. Caitlin makes various Sexy TikTok Dances and other copies of the popular TikTok dances. There are many more hotties like Caitlin to come on this list so keep scrolling to see them all!



it me

♬ Girls in the Hood – Megan Thee Stallion

Imprincess Peach sure knows how to play the TikTok game, with some of her videos getting well over 1 million views and most of them Sexy TikTok dances.

Shelby Rozell


♬ original sound – divin

Shelby has an amazing physique. Her TikTok shows this and we can really get a good feel for how good she is at her TikTok dances. She loves wearing booty leggings as well and this is also why she is the best for Sexy TikTok Dances.

Jillian Fox (USA)


Your 2nd @ wants to cuff you!! tag them👀

♬ original sound – kiara bby🌬🪐

We told you she’d be back and we meant it! Jillian Fox has some very high viewed videos and her account is very popular at the moment. It’s a surprise her account isn’t under hot water with some of the videos she posts.

Only Baddies 4 U (North America)

@onlybaddies4u Drop it like it’s hot 🥵 🔥 🍑 @mikailadancer @officialcassidypayne….these girls a def baddies #baddies #baddies4u #fyp #foryou #viral #body #tiktok ♬ original sound – OnlyBaddies

Only Baddies For You is a very popular TikTok account that posts similar videos to the ones we have shown before. They have lots of videos of SexyTikTok dances. Click on the video to view their account and some of the other videos they post.

Izzy Lion (England)

@izzylyonx #fyp ♬ Up Down (Do This All Day) (feat. B.o.B) – T-Pain

Izzy Lion is also known for doing TikTok dances. As well as this she is also known for uploading videos of very Sexy TikTok dances, and this is why she is on the list. We told you that she was a good sign of things to come so the video above is another video she did that got over 600,000 views.

Only Baddies XXX (International)

@onlybaddiesxxx #silhlouettechallenge #baddiesonlycontent #fypシ ♬ original sound – OnlyBaddies

Only Baddies XXX is another TikTok account that is dedicated to showcasing the best Sexy TikTok dances there are. And they certainly nailed it! Some of their previous posts had up to 3 million views.

Mikaila Dancer (USA)


I think it’s safe to say I went OFF


Mikala Dancer has been very active on TikTok since it first came out and her account has been growing ever since. She makes very good videos and her account deserves all the attention it gets.

Jillian Fox (USA)


I like dis one better

♬ original sound – Darius 💛

She’s been featured the most on this list and is easy to see why. She is the queen of sexy TikTok dances. She also posts some amazing content on some of her other accounts as well.

Katy Sancheski (Spain)


♬ sonido original – Metovicio

Katy Sancheski is known for all her Twerking videos and many more types of content. As well as this, she’s also known for her Sexy TikTok Dances as well. She is a great contender for this list.

Faith Marone (USA)

@thefaithmarone Who can teach me how to swim!? 😅 #fyp #ItStartsOnTikTok #WhatsYourPower ♬ original sound – TTLYTEALA

We said Faith Marone would be back on this list again and we weren’t joking. Faith Marone has an amazing account with lots of awesome videos. Many of them feature many Sexy TikTok Dances.

Twerk By Helana (Spain)

@twerkbyhelena Xmas con papi noel, que lo tengo ya mareado al pobre… #bootydance #parati #fyp #dance #twerk #twerkdance #christmas ♬ original sound – Aii fasimoli Auuwee👀🤣🔥

“Woah” – That’s the best way to describe her account. There are many sexy TikTok dances on this account and her whole account is based on it. Check out her account if you like what you see.

Jillian Fox (USA)


bae for the day

♬ For The Night – Pop Smoke

Jillian Fox has to be one of the best. For many reasons. But we should point out that she is the most popular on this Sexy TikTok Dance list. She will be featured in other articles hopefully on this site and for good reason.

Laylaraynexo (USA)

@laylaraynexoo why is you smilin 😜 #fy #fyp #foryourpage #tiktok #viral #drake ♬ Unreleased Drake – StarkMedia

She has to be the first Blonde on this list and what a start that is. Lay has some amazing content you should check out and you can do that by going to her TikTok account where she records many Sexy TikTok Dances.

Mikaila Dancer (USA)


Someone green screen themselves in😂

♬ Hell Shell – Young Nudy

We have also mentioned Mikaila on this list and for good reason. She is a very talented dancer. She is also very good at Sexy TikTok dances. She is also good at TikTok dances in general.

Our Top 3 Contenders

Our Top 3 Contenders for this list are:

Jillian Fox

Faith Marone

Mikaila Dancer

Below are some of the best videos we have to showcase:

@mikailadancer Inspired by @sjbleau and @markellwashington1 ♬ original sound – Nasia bae😘
@thefaithmarone I may have popped the duck 🤷🏼‍♀️ insta – thefaithmarone #fyp #ShredWithBillAndTed ♬ original sound – Faith Marone

sorry bout the messy hair :p

♬ I want my baby to have your eyes – Neon Sounds

Who Is The Best Sexy TikTok Dancer?

@jillianfoxx #fyp ♬ Shake That Laffy Taffy Girl Break Your Back Drop It Girl – Soundofyou

We Hope You Enjoyed!

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