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Best Russian Romance Movies To Watch For Free In 2023

Not many Westerners know that Russia has many amazing Movies and TV Shows that have come out over the years, particularly since the 1960s and a large number of these have been Romance Movies. So, in this post, I’m going to go over the top 5 Russian romance movies to watch in 2023, complete with FREE links.

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Best Russian Romance Movies

So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at the best Russian Romance Movies to watch in 2023. You can check out all of these movies by using the access links I provide.

6. The Banishment

The Banishment - Russian Movie
© Intercinema XXI Century (The Banishment)

Following an unexpected visit from his mysteriously injured brother Mark, Alex makes the decision to return to the rural home of his upbringing with his family.

However, upon their arrival, Alex’s wife Vera reveals a shocking truth—she is pregnant again, and the child is not his. As Alex grapples with this revelation, he finds himself in a state of turmoil, desperately searching for the best course of action to navigate the painful situation.

Access link: Watch The Banishment For Free

5. I Am Dragon

During her wedding ceremony, a princess is abruptly seized by a dragon and transported to a secluded island. As she explores this unfamiliar terrain, she encounters a fellow island dweller and stumbles upon hidden, ominous truths.

This is one of my favourite Russian romance movies because I remember watching this as a younger girl and wishing I could be her. Girl power!

Access links: Watch I Am Dragon For Free

4. The Marathon of Desires

Another one of the great Russian Romance Movies To Watch For Free is The Marathon Dies. This funny but also romantic movie which came out during COVID lockdown (for me) and I really enjoyed staying at home and watching this.

A young woman, who has always envisioned a splendid wedding, misplaces her passport just before the ceremony. This prompts her to embark on a frantic 24-hour quest to secure the vital element for her happiness.

Access link: Watch The Marathon of Desires For Free

3. The North Wind

Russian Romance Movies To Watch For Free In 2023
© Fond Zapredelye / © Columbia Pictures

Here’s another Russian Romance Movie that features more female main characters than some of the other movies on this list. The tale follows Wren, a young woman facing hardship, residing with her sister in a bleak, frostbitten village.

Their daily struggle for survival intensifies during the unforgiving winter, and they dread the arrival of the North Wind (or the Winter God), a day when he selects a woman to accompany him to his mysterious realm.

Access link: Watch The North Wind For Free

2. A Recipe for Seduction

Best Russian Romance Movies To Watch For Free In 2023
© JEAN / © KFC (A Recipe for Seduction)

To end this list I thought I would include for you a short movie or short film. This movie is only 15 minutes long but features a great cast of characters and an engaging story.

With the holiday season approaching, a young heiress finds herself caught between the advances of a suitor personally chosen by her mother. However, when a charming chef arrives with a secretive recipe and an ambitious dream, his presence sets off a chain of events that disrupt her carefully laid-out plans.

Access link: Watch A Recipe for Seduction For Free

1. Compartment Number 6

Now for our final Russian Romance movie, we have Compartment Number 6. This came out last year during COVID lockdown in Sakha and I watched it 2 times! The story goes as follows: A Finnish student and a rough-hewn miner tentatively build a connection as they are unexpectedly thrust together in cramped train accommodations during a journey across Russia.

If you like semi-adventure drama movies with a few sexy scenes and a great overall romance feel between two really good actors, please give this movie a watch, I know you’ll love it because I did.

Access link: Watch Compartment Number 6 For Free

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