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Cradle View is a rapidly expanding site and we’re always looking to grow in every area we can. We’re all about thing Anime, and if Anime is something you know a lot about or are interested in, then Cradle View is the place to be. That’s because Cradle View isn’t just going to expand in the webspace, but in many other areas as well, such as Social Media, News, Print Media, Production, Commerce, and many other Products and Services.

We pride ourselves on our articles and blogs posts but sometimes keeping up isn’t that easy. Writing detailed and high ROI articles and blog posts can be an overwhelming task, especially when you’re trying to branch out into other areas. That’s why we work with many freelance and contract-based writers to keep our content flowing.

So how do you know if this position is really right for you and most importantly, what’s in it for you? That’s what this page is here to do as all main FAQs about working for/with Cradle View will be answered on this page.

How much would I make writing for Cradle View?

We pay you monthly on a per-article basis. This means we pay you for every article you write, we will pay you an amount based on how many words are in the article, the content of the article, and if it is SEO friendly or not. We pay a flat rate for most articles but WILL NOT pay more than a standard payout every month.

Each article must be over 500 words to be eligible to post and you may only be paid if the article is eligible. Eligible articles are only defined based on the amount of words in the article. The decision of wether or not an article is eligible or not is not based on CV’s sole discretion. As we said before it is based on the amount of words in an article.

Example: If you write 7 articles for us and they each have an average value of $5.00, then we would pay you $30.00 for that month but no more than $50 for that month. However, if you wrote 28 articles all with an average value of $5.00, you would only receive a maximum payout of $50.00 even though 28 x 5 is 125 – this is because we do not pay out more than $50 per month if you are a first time writer within the trial period (3 months). The same rule applies but the maximum payout is increased to $80 if you have completed 6 months of work and $100 once you’ve worked half a year.

To clarify:

  1. For the first 3 months (trial period) expect to make $5.00 per article, and no more than $50.00 a month altogether.
  2. After 3 months you will be payed $10 per article at no more than $80.00 a month altogether.
  3. Finally once you’ve completed 6 months work you will be payed $20.00 per article and no more than $100.00 a month altogether.

I have a website, how can Cradle View help me out?

We take pride in collaboration with other sites just like ours! So if you have an Anime related site that publishes content in the scope of Anime, please consider signing up to contribute to our site. Cradle View has a steadily increasing DA, and we offer writers and site owners the chance to write articles for us and have the original article linked back on our site. We will link back to your site as many times as you want and you can use the Cradle View site to shout out and increase your own site’s following and brand awareness.

Building Domain authority is very important for your site and is pivotal in the acquirement of new users. Cradle View will give you the chance to link back to a site that is already established in the Anime niche. Links will strengthen both sites involved and it’s a worthwhile process once the seeds have been laid and the content produced. So if you would like to write for Cradle View for the chance to have your content linked back to your site then send us a message using the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I want to become a site administrator, is this possible?

We are looking for administrators to help run Cradle View, completing these tasks and making sure they are addressed is a very important part of the operation of the site and of course is a vital role that carries a lot of responsibility. For that reason, we don’t hire anyone on a simple basis and do require more in-depth information about yourself and your own experience and personal interest. Please reach out to us via email if this is something you are very interested in.

I’m not sure my content will pass the edit check

Don’t worry! This happens all the time. Many writers and reporters for the Washington Post and the New York Times are presented with the problem that everything they write is aggressively checked and edited. However, at Cradle View this is not the case. We allow for free expression and opinion to dominate your work. There are few guidelines you have to follow when writing work and upon a lite check, your work will be submitted almost instantly, depending on how you choose to post it. (We prefer to schedule posts and articles when possible).

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It would be an honor to have you work with us. We’re an ever-growing platform and our presence is here to stay. If you want to work with us there are various ways you can. We’re always ready to work with other sites and branch out into near areas. The choice is yours now, get in touch below.

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