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Ayanokoji Shows Us What A Monster He Is In Scene From Classroom Of The Elite Season 2

In a new scene from the popular Anime Classroom Of The Elite Season 2, the main character, Ayanokoji, appears in a dark and sinister scene where he uses Karuizawa for his own gain watching while she is getting assaulted by four girls. Towards the end of the scene, Ayanokoji says he will help Karuizawa and protect her, showing us that he actually recorded the incident. He says the next time they try anything to release the video. However, during this scene, Ayanokoji does not care for Karuizawa’s safety at all, and clearly only uses her for himself. So why did he act this way?

This post contains spoilers up to Ep 4 for Classroom Of The Elite Season 2.

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After witnessing an attack on Karuizawa by four of her rivals who are after her because they said she bullied one of the girls that was with them, he instead of helping, films the attack and later, when the girls have gone, he goes over to Karuizawa.

While she is sitting on the ground he looks at her and tells her to “spread your legs” just as Karuizawa is doing it he kneels down and says he

In the moment he asks her about her pain and past trauma that he suspects of her having. Saying: “What is this trauma that you’re hiding” then he reaches under her shirt and pulls it up saying: “I wanna see it for myself”. “Then after she screams don’t touch it” he goes: “Is this it? Is this your darkness?”, it’s quite a harrowing scene and it certainly adds to Ayanokoji’s character.

After this he starts ranting about her there is more darkness in this world than she can ever imagine. Then finally he affirms he is going to protect Karuizawa and even shows her the video he took of the girls assaulting her, inviting her to threaten to release it if they try anything again.

This act by Ayanokoji seems to work and win over Karuizawa’s trust. He tells her that he needs her to help him, stating that there is a plan he wishes to fulfil, and only she is the one who can help. I’ve mentioned before in many articles about Classroom Of The Elite that Ayanokoji is most likely a sociopath.

This scene has really solidified my conclusion and affirmed me that Ayanokoji really does not care about anyone. What we saw from Episode 4 was that he even looks down on most of his classmates. Just in his own way.

Anyway, the scene with Karuizawa really reminded me of what a sick & twisted character Ayanokoji is. He will do anything to get t the top and move Class D into the higher classes so he can get into or bring Class D to become Class A.

Kiyotaka shows the video to Karuizawa
Kiyotaka shows the video to Karuizawa – Classroom of the Elite

The fact that Ayanokoji goes from threatening and demanding to calm and enticing, is just a testament to his ability to completely manipulate people to his own advantage effortlessly. This can only be done by certain people, who either can control their emotions really well and read and control people or people that have barely any emotions at all.

My guess is that Ayanokoji possesses little if any empathy for people. Think about it. In many episodes, we can see this all play out. No better was this seen than in the final episode of season 1, where Ayanokoji details Horikita how he won the test and got Class D the most points.

After he says he’s going to help her, we see that he whispers something to her but we can’t hear what he says. At the end of the episode, we learn that he says he knows she’s the VIP. They swap cell phones then Ayanokoji swaps the phone from Karuizawa with another member of the class. This means if they guess Ayanokoji or the other member is the VIP they still win because it is in fact Karuizawa that is the VIP.

Ayanokoji looks at Karuizawa

This is a pretty well thought out and logical plan that Ayanokoji has come up with, however, it’s flawed. He explains to Karuizawa that if they get called it will be a problem because they will know that they have switched phones. He says when they switch, he’ll keep the sim card. This is so he can put it into the phone he wants to later.

Also, think about how he looks in the lighting, it’s a mix of red, black and dark yellow and orange. The color pallet gives off a dark and hopeless vibe that really matches the scene and enhances the scary aura that Ayanokoji gives off.

The music also adds to the mood of the scene, it’s slightly frightening and really lets us know whos in charge bewtween the two characters. This is not the first time we’ve seen this from the main character.

In my opinion, it gives off Highschool Of The Dead anime the way it looks. This shows that in the shadows where no one can see him, Ayanokoji acts cold and calculated. Moving in a cunning way to use the situation to his advantage.

Right at the end of season 1, we see how Ayanokoji really thinks and the emotions (or lack thereof) for his classmates and anyone for that matter. Anyway, if you enjoyed this scene and want to share your views on Ayanokoji then go ahead and leave a comment. A like on this post would be greatly appreciated. Please share as well.

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