Amagi Brilliant Park

Seiya Kanie – Character Profile

Overview – Character Profile Seiya Kanie Seiya Kanie is argubly the main character in Amagi Brilliant Park, (read our article on weather or not it is worth watching here) as he basically acts like it. We are graced with his presence in Episode 1 or Amagi Brilliant Park and in the OVA, (although I didn’t […]

Isuzu Sento | Character Profile

Isuzu Sento -Character Profile

Overview | Character Profile – Isuzu Sento Isuzu Sento is also a student at the highschool that Kanie attends and in my opinion she is very boring. For some reason the writers thought it would be a smart idea to have Sento talk almost all the time in a monotone voice. This means all the notes […]

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