Character Profile – Nicholas Brown

Overview – Character Profile Nicholas Brown

Nicholas Brown is in our trio of the the three main characters in the anime gangsta (GANGSTA.) and is referred to sometimes as “Nick”. In the gangsta anime (GANGSTA.) Nick is a Twighlight or T.A.G. and as a result, possesses special abilities that allow him to maximise his body’s capabilities in activities such as fighting, overall movement, vision and healing etc. Twighlights are seen as different and are usually the target of hate based attacks due to the “Twighlight war” which occurred some time before the events of the current series.

Appearance & Aura – Character Profile Nicholas Brown

Character Profile – Nicholas Brown

Nicholas is tall, about the same height as Warrick, he has relatively short dark born or black hair, which you could argue is styled in a neat fashion, unlike Warrick, who has it tied behind his head. He has a slightly muscular face and upper body and is of Asian decent, most likely Japanese. He wears normally a suit consisting of a black jacket and black trousers as well as black smart shoes. Underneath he wears a brown or black shirt with no tie. His eyes can be described as dead looking, omitting no life at all, in fact his whole character does display this characteristic which gives off a feel of dread when viewed, in my opinion.

Being deaf, he talks rarely, this gives off an odd and mystifying feeling, which makes his character somewhat attractive and interesting. Nicholas’s deaf characteristic is s very defining one indeed and it was obviously very impactful to his character and the events in the first series of GANGSTA. it’s a problem that he overcomes however and it does not hinder his fighting abilities at all as far as we can see in the anime.

Personality – Character Profile Nicholas Brown

There isn’t much to go on in terms of personality when it comes to Nick, it’s very hard to pin point a certain way he acts. This makes it difficult t add elements into this section, but from what I have gathered, Nicholas seems to be quite different to Warrick and normally doesn’t get that involved in conversations, only doing so when he needs to. take the scenes where Alex tries to communicated with Nick, completing several hand sign movements in order to do so, remember that scenes? Well if you don’t he completely ignores her, or when she tries to get his attention by grabbing his coat and he does the same thing, there’s a pattern here. He doesn’t seem to have an interest but I would lying if I didn’t say that he did care about these sorts of things.

The scene where Alex is having some sort of panic attack because she needs to take her medication or the opposite was quite interesting , it shows that he has some sort of compassion as he relates to her problem, needing to take the drug celebrere himself in order to sustain his life. Hopefully this element between Alex and Nick will be expanded upon in Season 2, but we’ll just have to wait I guess.

History – Character Profile Nicholas Brown

Nicholas’s history is very similar to Warrick as they both grew up together from their teenage years. Warrick works as Nicholas’s contract holder and therefore he’s supposed to obey Warrick’s orders without fail every time.

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