Do Anime And Cannabis Go Together? – Honest Opinion


Lots of people all over the world watch anime, from different backgrounds and personalities. So surely that means there is a wide range of these watchers who also smoke weed while watching right? Well in this blog I’m going to be giving my honest opinion on how affects you while your watching, and the benefits of and drawbacks of smoking weed while watching anime.


Once again we would like to stress this blog is for over 18+ only and if Cannabis is illegal in your country or state, then please do not read this blog. We are only offering our opinion on this topic, nothing more. This does not call for any action and we must remind you that reading this blog is a completely personal choice. Now let’s get into this.

Understanding Different Strains

When considering if or not the weed you smoke will have a positive or negative impact on the anime you are about to watch depends mainly on the strain. I’ve found that Sativa strains are probably better to smoke while watching anime as they keep you awake and focused. I don’t prefer Sativa so I never normally smoke it anyway. I always will smoke Sativa all the time when watching anime.

I has a more relaxing and sedating effect on you. It’s more of a body high rather than a head high like Sativa. This normally wont be too impactful but let’s get to the effects of watching anime while being stoned. I would suggest Indica strains for when you are watching anime, this highly applies if you watch anime and smoke at night, like me.

How it will impact the episode you are watching

My experience

I’ve found that sometimes when you smoke, you will sometimes forget certain details. Whether they’re important or not is up to chance. Also when you are smoking I’ve found I will not be able to realise the significance of certain scenes, characters or plot devices. I also have found that rewatching the anime I’ve watched while I was high then not high makes it easier for me as I can remember what I watched and the significance of the scene etc.



The benefits I would go over would be that you get a nice feeling while watching to start with. The overall feels of some of the episodes will be great. Also, you might feel you are much happier when you are high, if you’re watching anime you’ll see this also applies.


You will find it much more easier to sit through certain episodes that you would definitely find boring if you were sober. I know this may not apply to everyone but this is just my opinion remember. You will find it easier to just sit there and watch what is on the screen. This can sometimes be a bad thing if you space out, but that normally isn’t a problem, seen as the episodes are always around 22 mins long anyway.

The Munchies

Nevertheless another thing to mention would be food. By this I’m referring to the munchies. The cravings you may get especially if you’re watching something will be hard to ignore. Most people eat more when they are watching something, so when you’re high this will only be exaggerated.

I’m not biased

I may be speaking from a biased POV because basically every single anime I’ve ever watched I’ve been high whilst regarding it. This is why I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon. Theres just not enough of a reason. I’m not really bothered most of the time about amazing stories. When I see a good one, I’ll know about it, high or not.

Your reactions are usually exaggerated

When you’re high and watching anime your reactions to what you are watching are normally exaggerated. Now, this can be a bad thing and a good thing, but for example, you may find something more funny than it may be. It can generally make the anime more enjoyable overall. This is just my opinion by the way, we are all different. Really funny anime like Grand Blue, Golden Boy and Keijo are king when it comes to these sort of things.


Hard to realize significance

What I’ve found when watching anime while high is that it is sometimes hard to realise the significance of certain characters, scenes and other elements of certain anime series. You will often forget or just not even remember characters names or there backgrounds, but what you will notice is there personalities, for example if they’re very annoying or shy. You will probably remember something like that when you wake up. If you rewatch certain scenes or just rewatch the whole episode most of the time it will come back to you.

You may get bored

Normally when I’ve watched 2 episodes in a row, I will find myself getting bored. Sometimes I will just plane and simply switch over to playing Search & Destroy on MW. It may just be me, but its like my brain needs me to find something more stimulating, and shredding kids with the Galil is a bit more satisfying than watching an anime episode. This is probably just me, but I’m speaking from experience. I’ve watched almost every single episode high, save a few Black Lagoon episodes.

Eating something while watching, obviously if its dub, can be a good thing to do if you’re watching an episode high. But whatever you want really. It may just be how I am as a person and my personal preference. Also, having sub titles on even if it’s a dub can help, as well as turning up the volume can also help. Try smoking very slowly throughout each episode. And try to smoke one joint per 2 episodes. That’s what I do.

Decrease In Significance

This can generally bring down the significance of the series overall sometimes and it is a problem you will have to deal with, unless you’r playing close attention to them. You will sometimes have a dry mouth, get the munchies or sometimes just get bored. This makes it hard to watch some boring and stagnant anime, as it can be hard to keep your focus the whole way though.

Forgetting Dialogue

You may often forget some lines of dialogue, which can sometimes make it difficult to understand the story if you’re having trouble with it anyway. It will generally make more unbearable types of anime bearable. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Sometimes you will wonder why you actually bothered to watch that certain series in the first place, given how bad it looks now (when you’re sober).

But it’s quite common that you will forget important things characters said that may come in handy later. You should only do this if you’re over 21 and legally permitted by the laws of the country or region you’re currently residing in though.


Smoking weed and anime are a great combination and I don’t think I’m going to changing anytime soon. Watching anime helps me relax anyway, but smoking weed with it is a whole different level. It generally makes it more enjoyable and easy to watch. If you don’t watch anime while high anyway, I would not suggest transitioning. If you’re one of those people who watches anime and smokes only on certain occasions then I have no grievances with you.

I fell like I wouldn’t be able to continue watching anime without weed and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing. It also means that binge watching anime is also more easy but since I most of the time only smoke on the weekends, this is kept down to a minimal for me. I can imagine that some people do this (binge watch anime while high), and I don’t have a problem with that.

Honestly anime is great and I’m having a fun time rewatching and watching new anime I come across. Since neither one is going anywhere anytime soon, I don’t think I’m gonna have to worry about anything just yet.

I hope this article has been effective in informing it you as it should be. I hope you can make your own decisions regarding this topic correctly and I hope that I was able to help you make a sensible and justified decision. Thank you so much for reading, I wish you all the best.

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